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Journey to Self is being translated into both Gujarati and Hindi through assistance
from the Cultural Section
of the
High Commission for India in London,

August 2013: Jacyntha met Udayraj A Gadnis in London. He is loaning the use of a painting for the cover of this Hindi edition of Journey to Self

The original English edition of Margaret 's book Journey to Self was a book of the month for Watkins in their central London bookshop, and in their mail order catalogue
  • Journey to Self is listed on Google Books where you can browse up to 20% for free

  • Yoga Movement

    In her well-received book


    Vanessa covers much philosophy and insight that is broadly similar to that covered by Margaret. Vanessa warmly acknowledges the influence of Kevin Crawley on her spiritual journey


  • Many in our modern world do not believe in angels ...

  • For many years the London Biorhythm Company and later
    Ki Publishing Co-operative have supported Canadian artist Erglis

    "I employ pictorial images because with these I am more at ease with them than with words. Now I find that I must use words to explain and define the images!

    I work with a continually expanding arsenal of symbols. I try to inject 'humor' into my work where possible, if it isn’t already there. At the moment, my three main food groups are social and political blunders; the imagination and my emotions. One day I hope to possess a visual vocabulary that will be universally understood."

    Ki Publishing Co-operative aims to ensure diversity

    in the intellectual community by providing high quality publishing and online distribution services to authors of works that are challenging, controversial, or explore areas outside the mainstream

    Sir Issac Newton (1643-1727) is quoted as saying said he could only have made his scientific break throughs as he "stood on the shoulders of giants". In addition to his scientific and parliamentary legacy Sir Issac Newton was appointed Warden of the Royal Mint and left Cambridge in 1696 to settle in London. He took his duties as Warden very seriously, and campaigned against corruption and inefficiency within that organisation. It was therefore appropriate that in 1997 the quotation was was inscribed on the 2 coin for that year

    Not everyone has a huge intellect, but many who are passionate about their chosen subject know volumes about it, and, with a wider audience, this could fascinate others as well!

    Those involved with Ki Publishing Co-operative believe that well thought through, and pains takingly researched knowledge must not only be preserved for posterity, but be available to others at a reasonable cost - even when to do so is not immediately commercially viable!

    The books that Ki Publishing Co-operative sell are our contribution to supporting this philosophy. At Ki Publishing Co-operative we feel driven to provide some of the building blocks for others to stand on!

    Ki Editor

    Karen Smith

    Karen has a penchant for all things literary and extraordinary! She read English at Goldsmiths, part of the University of London. This was followed by a Master's in Modern Poetry at the University of Kent. With this background Karen was ideally suited to edit Correspondence a book based around the letters of Betty Clark alias Joan Ure the Scottish playwright and poet

    Following stints as a teacher; an administrator for The Poetry Society; a reviewer for a literary magazine and a publishing assistant in Brighton, Karen qualified as a librarian and now works in a London University Art Library

    The previous Ki Editor is an Art Historian , sometime graphic artist, and author on architecture. She is a co- founder of the London-based online arts magazine Artyonline, formerly Artyfacts, that she edited and contributed to. whilst also continuing to organize her blogs

    Ki Design Consultant

    Pam Bennett

    Ki Marketing Consultant

    Gabriella Vecchio

    Gabriella graduated from the Universita’ Commerciale Luigi Bocconi in Milan, and speaks Italian, English, French and Dutch

    She spent 5 years as TIA’s (Travel in America) manager of International Marketing for Europe, and was responsible for managing international marketing programs for the benefit of TIA members, in the United Kingdom and targeted markets in Europe. She represented TIA at several conferences and trade events throughout Europe

    Before joining TIA, Gabriella spent 10 years as a commercial specialist for the US Commercial Service at the US Consulate in Milan, Italy, where she assumed responsibility for US travel and tourism promotion in Italy, organizing the USA Pavilion in large Italian tourism shows and working in close co-operation with the Visit USA Association of Italy

    Gabriella is on Twitter @Gabrovna

    Ki Management Consultant

    Simone Schwaer

    Simone graduated from the European Business School in Hamburg and speaks German, English, French and Spanish. She composed worldwide economic and political country reports for numerous years before she embarked on a consulting career in helping companies to start their business activities on an international scale, in particular establishing global alliances and promoting their activities in unknown territory

    She is currently a member of the French language Toastmasters Group in London

    The "Nurturing Seeds" design (below) is from the Fair Trade Batik Cards range.
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  • The Inspiration for Ki Publishing Co-operative
  • Jacyntha Crawley

    The seeds for Ki Publishing Co-operative were sown when, through the late June Rogers, Jacyntha met members of the Research Committee of the Vegetarian Society. was inscribed on the 2 coin was the Hon. Treasurer of the Research Committee. Soon Jacyntha realized that members of that Committee had tens of thousands of hours of enthusiastic and painstaking thought, knowledge and research between them, but there are thousands of special interest groups within the UK. Hundreds of individuals are also researching in detail subjects that interest them. Ki Publishing was conceived to help some of these inspired people who are beavering away simply because they enjoy doing so.

    Hopefully, Ki Publishing will enable some of these individuals to gain wider recognition for their work.

  • Jacyntha is a member of the The Society of Authors and of NAWE, the National Association of Writers in Education.

    Ki Publishing is a member of the Tower Hamlets Co-operative Development Agency. Jacyntha and Ian Moseley are members of the Tower Hamlets Co-operative Development Agency. Both have volunteered on the Management Committee

    Additionally they are involved with Fair Trade projects projects, and practical conservation

    Jacyntha is an Honorary Member of the London IVC

  • Directors of The Meeting Point

    Below is a photo of Scottish playwright and Ian Moseley the 2 main directors of The London Biorhythm Company , sponsor of "this Meeting Point". The picture was taken at a birthday party for Dr Imke Halberstadt, an active Area Governor of Toastmasters International. Originally a former Past President of the London Athenians Speakers Club in Hammersmith, she went on to found Harrovians, in Harrow, Greater London

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    The London Intervarsity Club

    London IVC is the social club where Scottish playwright honed her organising skills, including setting up, and then managing, a weekday volunteer cafeteria, "Burnt Offerings", Members cooked evening meals for others. Intervarsity Clubs are a string of not-for-profit voluntary social clubs across the UK. Within Intervarsity Clubs members volunteer to organise events for others. Here is a link to the most northerly IVC in Britain

  • In Brisbane, Australia, an equivalent club is The Dabblers

  • For more than 15 years members of the London IVC worked on active conservation projects with the Friends of Highgate Cemetry.
  • Proof, if it were still needed, that global warming does exist!
    Ki Publishing - Personnel  #05

    Jacyntha is a "bridge-builder". When volunteering at London IVC the need for a permanent group, which later developed into the registered charity, Age Link became apparent

  • The current Hon. Secretary of Age Link is Smita Gondhalekar, 198, Sherwood Avenue, Streatham, London SW16 5EF. tel: 020 8679 7578 (work) fax: 020 7290 5115
  • Age Link takes elderly people, who would otherwise be housebound, to tea on one Sunday afternoon a month. One lady unexpectedly left Age Link a considerable legacy.
  • There are 8 local Age Link groups. More volunteers mean more local groups; more monthly outings; and more happy people!
  • Age Link also needs host volunteers to provide the teas
  • The 2 annual Age Link Christmas parties are held in central London venues, and all groups attend, as do civic dignitaries from the London boroughs in which Age Link operates
  • Professional and semi-professional entertainment is provided at these Christmas parties
  • Fund Raising for Age Link . There is an annual sponsored walk, and a short sponsored walk on Hampstead Heath, North West London, every September

    Phone Raj: 01895 676689 for details.

  • Ki Publishing - Personnel  #06

    By the entrance of the National Trust owned Claremont Landscape Gardens,
    outside Esher, Surrey, is a display showing volunteers and documenting groups that had worked on the restoration. Claremont Gardens had been overgrown and was a complete wilderness for many years! Members of the practical conservation group of London IVC were amongst the original helpers. In exchange, Jacyntha, founder of the London IVC conservation group, was able to negotiate the first, all encompassing, Age Link gathering. This was held by the lake at Claremont. Tea and cakes were included! The photograph above shows an Age Link member; Geoff Tomlinson, one of the founder members of Age Link ; Scottish playwright and the then Deputy Warden at Claremont Gardens.

    Jacyntha Crawley, photographed, whilst helping to hang a gate on the Golden Cap Estate, Dorset, a huge property, to which the London IVC regularly send conservation volunteer. It forms part of "Jurassic Coast",, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

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