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  • The wise man reads both books and life itself
    Lin Yutang
  • Chinese writer and inventor (October 10, 1895–March 26, 1976)

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  • Correspondence
  • is based around the archive of letters from the poet and dramatist

    to fellow Scot and writer John Bruce Cairns

    The letters are written as Betty Clark, ,i.e. in her personal capacity, a distinction that John is adament we draw. The letters do contain, though. previously unknown and unpublished poetry by Joan Ure!

    Joan Ure was the pen name of

    (22 June 1918–1978)

    Scottish poet and playwright

    born Elizabeth (Betty) Thomson Carswell in Wallsend, Tyneside
    of Scottish parents who moved to Glasgow
    Her sister Joan provided the first half of her pen-name

    was the source for the compilation from John Cairns correspondence with Betty Clark from 1963 to 1971. It contains the material Betty herself thought fit for eventual publication under the pseudonym Joan Ure

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    Please contact John Bruce Cairns for an invitation
  • Twitter @ JohnnyTaggart
  • The Archive has been edited by retired teacher, John Bruce Cairns, after a long correspondence with the poet

    Betty Clark, a would-be published writer, under the pen-name Joan Ure, enlisted the help of John Cairns a young Glasgow history teacher in the early 1960s. He started a supportive correspondence which contained many of her poems meant for publication

    That the book is of a correspondence rather than merely an accumulation of letters is because Betty asked hers back, in an exchange, halfway through. John continued corresponding until she returned the letters she couldn’t herself make use of without asking for a like return of his. That transaction, covered by a late letter of hers legitimising his use of everything in the correspondence, held the makings of a more interesting book than one of her letters alone would be – in any case unlikely ever to be made

    The correspondence apparently ends on his leaving for London in the early 1970s. It did continue but nothing of that continuance survives in his possession. That it didn’t also made for a better book, contained as it is within the bounds of a time when they shared life together in the same place. The book doesn’t end with the apparent close of their correspondence but has a coda from his writing that takes their relationship to her death in the late 1970s

    Since the correspondence consists of four hundred and eighty eight items and and both wrote voluminously,, any book from it had to be a selection once the correspondence itself was archived to restore chronology. John worked voluntarily at Kew to find out what would be required, dated a notebook that hadn’t been for a hundred and fifty years and showed the archivist there how easy it was to restore the chronology of the contents of bequeathed files. As correspondent and archivist he was best placed to make any selection for a book from the archive. John has preserved the integrity of the language of the letters as far as is possible, after wholesale exclusion, by choosing fragments that when joined up make sentences in the words of each writer. He decided to omit more of his own letter writing to focus on hers. Any deficiency in vocal balance was corrected by his archival notes. He had made her in letters to him as truthful as possible. That makes for an unwontedly authentic book. The way the correspondence fell out in life also affected the book’s structure so that it can give the reader aesthetic as well as intellectual charge

    CORRESPONDENCE provides more than scholarly additions to Joan Ure’s oeuvre. It gives a fascinating insight into the thoughts, feelings and relationships of Betty Clark, the woman behind the public writer. The letters are a pleasure to read, from the pens of writers who share a love of language, whose ideas chime and bristle, whose sentences dance, jink and juke to their resolution. In one ironic letter, John walks a linguistic tightrope, tossing Betty a challenge that the reader might meet

    Official blog:

    With her M.A. in Modern Poetry the editor of Correspondence, K.F. Smith (Karen ) was ideally qualified for this project
    29th March 2014 : Karen won a winner in the 2014 Sussex Poetry Competition

    The plays of Joan Ure have a considerable following in Italy

    CORRISPONDENZA un libro composto dal suo autore, John Cairns, dalla corrispondenza da lui iniziata negli anni 60 con Betty Clark, una poetessa e drammaturga scozzese che scriveva sotto lo pseudonimo di Joan Ure. Nonostante le lettere di Betty siano con il suo nome da sposata, contengono molti poemi e pezzi da pubblicare. Le sue lettere sono ben scritte come le sue opere,e affidate al suo uso, una selezione di quest’ultime costituisce una larga parte del libro a sua memoria e pietra miliare della sua carrier letteraria. Molti prominenti contemporanei sono citati, pi di tutti suo amante: il poeta Ian Hamilton Finlay

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  • Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
    sign-in link to Betty Clark's complete entry
  • Oxford Biography index number 101060220 for
    Clark [ne Carswell, Elizabeth Thomson (pseud. Joan Ure))

  • The archivist OF CORRESPONDENCE. John Bruce Cairns, Twitter@JohnnyTaggart , is a founder of the environmental campaign group Richmond Trees. Richmond Trees aims to enforce the original (1902) Act of Parliament covering the use of the public lands, and, members of Richmond Trees are insisting that the Council preserve as unspoilt, the views along the Thames Towpath at Ham

  • Richmond Trees' Discussion Group on Facebook ask John for an invitation

  • John Cairns is a member of 2 groups for writers in
    Richmond-upon-Thames, and John contributed a short story to Dadaoism: An Anthology which can be bought from John Bruce Cairns or from or. Reviews

  • Man's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions
  • Oliver Wendell Holmes
    born: Cambridge, Massachusetts August 29, 1809
    died: Boston, Massachusetts October 7, 1894
    American physician, author, professor


    by Dr Nico Caravias was first published in Germany in 1922

    The last printing was in Greek, published in 1977. In between there were English, French and Spanish editions

    or hope to re-issue The Calendar. This book outlines the existence of a 10 year cycle in humans. Science is now able to confirm the existence of this "biorhythm"

    In his book Mathematical Carnival based around his column Scientific American , the late Martin Gardner devotes one chapter to an incident that spanned a 10 year period and involved Sigmund Freud, (later) Professor Herman Swobada and Carl Jung

    As a determined sceptic of the subject of biorhythms I am sure Martin Gardner did not intend to confirm a biorhythm in any way, but in that particular chapter he does write about the ten year time interval very specifically

  • Further details of The Calendar are available from the author's daughter at Las Suertes, Bloque 18, 3c, Villalba, E-2840/9, Spain

    Reference: Gardner, Martin: Science: Good, Bad and Bogus
    Chapter 11: Fliess, Freud, and Biorhythm
    Prometheus Books, Buffalo, N.Y. 1981. ISBN 0879755733

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    Forthcoming Titles from Ki Publishing #03

  • Come Share a Meal with Me
  • by

    Come Share a Meal with Me has been written with the novice at home entertaining in mind. It should supply both confidence and back-up to enable you to create an impression, whilst still feeling relaxed and able to enjoy it yourself

    Come Share a Meal with Me covers the basics of any good party. Traditional Sufi hospitality was famous for its generosity and welcoming lack of pretention, so we have suffused Sufism as a covering layer. Sufism is the mystic, non violent branch of Islam . Come Share a Meal with Me refers regularly to the teachings, philosophy and love poems of the Sufi mystic Rumi. 2013 was the 750th anniversary of his death, yet Rumi is currently the most read poet in the US

    Come Share a Meal with Me has simple, easy to follow recipes and suggests how to serve pre-prepared food as well. There are Useful Tips, and advice for presenting your home so that your guests can not only experience it at its best, but are made to feel welcomed, pampered and relaxed

    The blog that accompanies Come Share a Meal with Me provides simple answers to questions on entertaining without an genda to sell - more to helps you consider, contemplate and convert your ideas, and suggest subjects for starting general conversation to break the ice!

    Because of the Rumi connection, and as the author has a higher degree in Turkish Studies and lived in Turkey for some years, the book will additionally have a Turkish edition

    19th August 2014
    Poetess Simin Behbahani, the “Lioness of Iran”, died on August 19th, aged 87

    That was arranged in 2013 when Turkey was the featured country at The London Book Fair


  • Walking with Crocodiles
  • This gripping autobiography of a well-qualified Nigerian who, in the late 1960s emigrated to the UK. is now in the final draft


  • The Caine Prize for African Writing has gone to Kenyan woman Okwiri Oduor for short story "My Father's Head"

  • Early November 2013 marked the 18th anniversary of the tragic murder of outspoken writer and environmental activist Ken Saro-Wiwa and eight colleagues by the Nigerian government
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    Forthcoming Titles from Ki Publishing #05

  • The Many Hatted Man and the Butterfly Lady

  • is the first children's book by illustrator Frances Quail, an exuberant story-teller

    This quaint fantasy of The Many Hatted Man and the Butterfly Lady is based around the English South Coast resort of Brighton, and features some of the landmarks of that City. A local "Starbucks" there bought one of the original illustrations by Frances to display on their premises

    In the story the Butterfly Lady sits at a caf table with a cup of coffee. She notices a man chasing a hat in the wind. ...

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