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    Water and Your Health

  • Our blood is 83% water.
  • Our bones are 22% water.
  • Our brain is 74% water.
  • Our muscles are 75% water.
  • Around two-thirds (2/3) of your body weight is water. Whenever we breathe out we lose water. To test this hold a mirror in front of your mouth when you breathe, and you will see the condensation appear.
  • On average, a person loses up to 16 glasses of water a day through perspiration, and the body loses almost as much water when asleep as when you are awake. That's why you often feel thirsty when you wake up in the morning.
  • The Sweat Glands in your feet can produce as much as as 300ml (more than 1/2 pint) of moisture each day. Moist feet are more likely to develop infections such as Athlete's Foot.
  • Think of your body as a machine and of water as the fuel which keeps it running smoothly.
  • Water is necessary to lubricate the eyes and the joints, and keep the skin looking smooth and elastic. Any medical professional or nutritionist would agree on this fact.
  • Oxygenated water is reported to increase energy and physical performance, but researchers in the US have shown that athletes drinking it fared no better after drinking oxygenated water than athletes who drank ordinary water.
  • If you breathe deeply you take in more oxygen than there is in a bottle of oxygenated water.
  • 'Fitness' waters and 'flavoured' waters are higher in sodium than ordinary water, and, generally speaking, are rather pointless UNLESS you are doing a huge amount of exercise - perhaps an hour or more at a stretch. On average, fitness waters contain about 10 calories per 100ml. This is not a lot of energy.
  • Sipping water is usually better than taking a large drink of it. This is because the sodium levels in the blood can be diluted when the body is suddenly 'flooded'. This 'flooding' tells the kidneys that we need to pass urine. So, if you gulp a lot of water at the same time, you can easily, and without realising it, pass out as much, or even more fluid than you have just drunk!
  • When the kidneys are made to work harder this can cause dehydration.
  • The temperature of the water you drink makes no difference as to how effectively it rehydrates you.

  • How much water is 'enough'?

  • Some experts believe that 80% of the UK population are dehydrated.
    Try to carry a small bottle, containing at least 250m of water. When the weather is hot you will need to carry more water with you when you go out, even if you are only going out locally. If you are walking the dog, don't forget to carry a little extra water so that your pet can have a drink too!
  • Obviously, some of the fluid you, personally, need will come from foods and other drinks. Fresh fruit and vegetables have a high water content.

  • For those of us who live in the UK, an approximate estimate is, that at the very least, we should be taking in 2 litres of fluid a day. In hot weather we will need more.

  • Tea, coffee, some fizzy drinks, and most alcohol are diuretics. This means that they force the kidneys to work harder to produce more urine than they would otherwise do. You should, therefore, not include teas, coffees, fizzy drinks and alcoholic drinks in your fluid allowance for the day.

  • Working out? Then make sure you drink enough beforehand and afterwards. It is generally recommended that you drink about 1/2 litre (500ml, or just under a pint) of water a couple of hours beforehand. You should also drink a full glass of water just before beginning the workout. Whilst working out you should have a drink about every fifteen minutes, and continue to drink water, at intervals, for some time afterwards.

  • Water  #02

    Water Purity

    The purity and availability of water is important in all cultures. The Qur'an gives us information the purity of water.

    In September 2005, we learnt from the Catholic sisters (nuns), from whom we source our batiks, that in Burkina Faso, in Central Africa, and in populated areas of Kenya, East Africa, there were plans to privatize water supplies. Think about this for a moment: the majority of those expected to pay for every drop of the water they use, are already eeking out an existence on around a $ a day. Across Africa, the BioSands Water Filter, supplied by the Canadian-based International Development Agency, Samaritan's Purse, are vital to the health, and the cleanliness of many.

    The build-ups to water privitization in developing countries are ruthlessly similar. The political situation that resulted in the thankfully mainly peaceful, recent overthrow of the Bolivian government, as outlined in the This book is relevant to the section which follows film, seems typical.

    Privatised water supplies are envisaged for The Philippines, and, nearer "to home" Ian Bell wrote movingly in the the Scottish Sunday Herald on water privitization in his native land. See the "Seven Day Comment" article of 13th February 2005, on page 8

  • "It's the Morality, Stupid!", an article on the quality of water in Scotland by Patrick Harvie,Green MSP for the Glasgow Region.

  • Contaminated Water Affects Millions in Bangladesh.
  • As are some consumers in the US consumers in the US
  • The (UK) Foods Standards Agency is seeking views on bottled water and mineral water guidance.
  • Making Aldous Huxley's nightmares come true ...?!
    New York Times Pushing for Lithium and Other Drugs in Water Supply
  • The Mapmakers of Society: The Beginnings of a Scientific Dictatorship

  • Water  #03

    Quality and Sources of Water

  • The sodium content of water that has been "softened" , or treated with a home water softening unit, means that it should only be drunk in a real emergency.
  • There is evidence that skin conditions such as eczema, are aggravated by hard water, and sufferers who install a water softener may experience immediate relief. A recent pilot study conducted in Nottingham, a hard water area in the UK, showed that 50% of children with a water softener, showed an improvement in their eczema. This compared with 22% of those given a dummy machine. Hard water contains calcium and magnesium salts which cause dryness and irritation.
  • Professor Hywel Williams, University of Nottingham, 2002.
  • Dr Marko Kalliomäki et al, Turku University Hospital, Finland.
  • http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/2946342.stm

  • A Bottled Water Legislation Seminar arranged by the Foods Standards Agency to engage with producers and local authorities to support practical understanding of food law.
  • Belu Water is sourced in the remote Wenlock region of Shropshire. All profits from the sale of Belu Water go to clean water projects in India, where 1.5 million children under 5 die each year from water-related diseases

    However, this is contradicted by an article in The Daily Telegraph on 12th January, 2008
  • If you don't like the taste of chlorine in your tap water then a water filter jug is probably the answer
  • This article on the health benefits and the quality of water is taken from "Science in Africa", Africa's first on-line Science magazine
  • You can register for e.mail alerts from the Drinking Water Inspectorate (for England and Wales)

  • Water Filters

  • Water filters are comparatively cheap. The type of filter that is best for your local water supply will vary according to your geographical area. Which Water Filter is Right for You?
  • (US) Consumer Reports on Water Filters.

  • Most water filters remove the taste of chloride.
  • As far as we know there is NO water filter cartridge that removes fluoride.
  • Since listing that statement we have now found the very interesting About.com: Chemistry website that contradicts this generally held opinion. We'd welcome genuine feedback on this site.
  • Richard McGawley e.mailed that he had been told by an alternative health practitioner that tamarind has been used as a fluoride chelator in India
    Have others heard of this?

    Link to definitions of chelating agent and chelation.
    There is a lot peer-reviewed research to support this. claim by a practitioner. Thousands of similar research references can be found using Google India.

  • "Treehugger" sells a "pH Controlling Water Filter". At the Meeting Point we'd welcome genuine feedback regarding this.
  • How Can I Recycle My Used Water Filter Cartridge?
  • In London and the SE of England you can recycle water cartridges at the 105 branches of Robert Dyas still found in many High Streets

  • The BioSands Water Filter is an adaptation of slow-sand filtration. They are provided to communities in the developing world by The Samaritan's Purse, the Canadian-based International Development Agency.

  • The History of Water Filters provides a comprehensive history of water filters, lists water treatment alternatives, and gives information about the safety of the different water purification methods.

  • Since October 2002 there has been a Yahoo Users Group aimed at
    members of the water and wastewater treatment industries.

  • Blog by the Online Community Manager at PLoS-ONE, the (US) Public Library of Science

  • The Fluoride Debate

  • The International Society for Fluoride Research produce "Fluoride", the quarterly, research-based magazine.
  • This site has been listed as it contains hundreds of links to other organisations, including the largest number of pro- and anti-fluoride groups we have seen listed in one place.
  • The Fluoride Debate.
  • The Fluoride Debate in Africa
  • Fluoride experts go head to head in debate in Douglas, Isle of Man. 22nd November, 2007. Video link
  • UAE: The United Arab Emerates.

  • Natural Health Magazine sponsored a televised “The Fluoride Debate" that was moderated by author and Naturopath, Dr. Carolyn Dean. Others taking part included Dr. Dean Ornish and
    Dr Paul Connett, a world recognised expert on waste incineration and waste management.

    Did Researchers Ask the Right Questions about Fluoridation? by Sharon Begley. Written for The Wall Street Journal, and later reprinted in the Pittsburg Post Gazette

  • Jacyntha 's personal opinion was that arbitrarily adding any substance to drinking water, or to food supplies, is mass-medication - and that is wrong

  • Towards Better Health in Children: Additional measures We Might Take.
  • "Feasibility of Milk Fluoridation and Trends in Dental Caries ..."

  • The Pro-Fluoride Lobby.

    We found references to more opponents and fewer supporters. One exception is the UK government. In 2003 the Fluoridation Bill was FORCED through Parliament. Opinion polls taken in the UK are also adament that adding fluoride to milk, which has also been advocated would not be acceptable

  • "Water fluoridation is the single most effective public health measure available to health authorities to reduce unacceptably high levels of tooth decay, and has been recognised as such by successive (UK) governments" ...
  • The British Fluoridation Society is partially funded by a Department of Health (UK Government) grant. Their website links to other organisations that take a similar view

  • Utahns for Better Dental Health in Davis County, Salt Lake City, USA

    Fluoride in Tap Water May Help older Teeth Too.
    New York Times; Reuters Health and Journal of Public Health Dentistry, Fall 2007

  • The Anti-Flouride Campaign in the UK

  • All Party Parliamentary Group Against Fluoridation

  • The (UK) National Pure Water Association, (NPWA), pressurises the UK government, and fights against the arbitrary addition of fluoride to water supplies worldwide.
    Cumbrians Against Fluoridation.
    Cost Probe of Fluoride in Water, The Lancashire Evening Post.
    Yorkshire Water and Fluoride.

  • Dr. Alasdair Philips, was the Scientific Projects Advisor to Children with Leukaemia, and was/is a prominent anti-fluoridation campaigner. In June 2003 Dr. Philips wrote a strongly worded open letter to the Pinellas County Commissioners in Florida, USA.

    Children with Leukaemia is a UK Registered Charity based at 51 Great Ormond Street, London WC1, postal address: FREEPOST LON 5056, Children with Leukaemia, London WC1N 3BR.

    Leukaemia is cancer of the blood cells, and affects around 6,000 people in the UK each year. There are numerous peer-reviewed papers, from many countries, confirming that drinking green tea can help, some even say "help reverse", leukaemia. A search for more references can be made putting ... Leukaemia + Green Tea ... into a search engine. Depending on who you believe, the protective benefits of consuming green tea, "kick in" after drinking between 4 to 10 cups of it each day

  • Fluoride Water "Causes Cancer", The (London) Observer

  • Anti-fluoridation campaigner is Samuel S. Epstein, M.D., Professor Emeritus in Environmental and Occupational Medicine, University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health, U.S.A, and Chair of the Cancer Prevention Coalition. He is internationally recognized
    Water  #04

  • 19th January, 2008: In a surprise move the FDA (US Foods and Drugs Administration) is being legally challenged by "Public Citizen". This legal action revolves around the dangers of toxic fluoride-containing antibiotics.
  • The Fluoride Action Network (FAN).
  • Link to some anti-fluoride groups.
  • A tribute to the gentlemen and eminent scholars who risked their reputations and careers.

  • Additional Anti-Fluoride Campaigns by Country.

  • On October 2, 2007 the citizens of Juneau, Alaska voted (4800 to 1900) to keep sodium fluoride OUT of their pure, glacial-melt water. Sodium fluoride is not less harmful than hydrofluorosilicate, but it’s still a waste product from the phosphate fertilizer industry. Dr. Hardy Limeback, Associate Professor and Head of Preventive Dentistry at the University Toronto had travelled to support Alaska to campaign against.

  • Hawaii: Dr. Tuttle, a family chiropracter, opposes the addition of fluoride. His comprehensive website includes many other aspects of holsitic living.
  • Fluoride Free Water in Ireland say that 98% of the population are against fluoridation of their water supplies. Individuals are asked/helped to form local groups, and there is assistance to get a qualified diagnosis for anyone who suspects they could have dental fluorosis (unsightly mottled teeth caused by a fluoride overdose.
  • Irish Ask EU to help rid drinking water of toxic fluoride

  • Health News Magazine, New Zealand.
  • "Why I Changed my Mind about Water Fluoridation", by John Colquhoun, former Principal Dental Officer in Auckland

  • USA: Campaign by the influential holistic health magazine "Prevention".
  • What's the Deal with Fluoride? This blogger, like many opponents of fluoridation, was originally neutral
  • Why the Scientists at the (US) Environmental Protection Agency oppose Fluoridation

  • The Lost Lakes of Bangalore is a video project to document Bangalore’s many lakes that have vanished as a result of unplanned urbanization and growth. As part of this project the India Water Portal organised a contest to document this aspect of Bangalore's history. They received over 40 videos.
  • The Daily Telegraph
  • The India Water Portal can be followed on Facebook, Twitter and other social media

  • The photographs and information in Messages from Water and the Universe reflect the work of Masaru Emoto, a creative and visionary
    Japanese researcher.

  • The Fluoride Deception by Christopher Bryson

  • Link to Chapter 17 of "The Aging Factor: "How to Recognize and Avoid the Devastating Effects of Fluoride" by Dr. John Yiamouyiannis

  • Rescue Mission Planet Earth was the result of a collaboration between UNESCO, the United Nations Children's Fund and Kingfisher Publishing. It was written by children aged 11-13, and framed around Agenda 21

  • 2003 was the International Year of Freshwater. To commemorate this, the UK government, and the Swiss Embassy in London, combined with the United Nations to produce a limited edition book: "Water: Source of Life". Published by Jannuzzu Editions for the Swiss Embassy: ISBN 0-9534038-4-X. Contributors were aged 12 and 16

  • The Canadian Children's Water Education Council, Kitchiner, Ontario.

  • Natural, Functional, and Restored Wetlands Conserve Precious Water

  • Igniting a Revolution: Voices in Defense of the Earth", by Steven Best and Anthony J Nocella
  • This book is relevant to the section which follows

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