• Sunday June 8th was World Ocean Day

  • and @80 is involved with a huge project to re-use Ocean Plastic.
    World Ocean Day was on Facebook and Twitter

  • @81
    The Economist Explains why Scientists are (almost) Certain that Climate Change is Man-made ...

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  • 52 charities have combined to form Environmental Business Products Limited. On average charities get around 1 PROFIT for EACH CARTRIDGE they receive. FREEPOST envelopes available

  • RSPB Recycling Campaign, FREEPOST RLTL-ZGGU-RRXE, Falkirk FK2 9EG, Scotland. More than Over 300,000 already raised through recycling printer cartridges and mobile phones.

  • Get around town on a bicycle made from bamboo!

  • Every person can recycle. Vegetable and fruit scraps, egg shells and nut shells can be added to a compost. the ultimate in recycling!
  • Are "Compostable" Products Really Compostable?

  • What is Freecycle?

    The Freecycle Network has over 5,400 Freecycle groups in over 60 countries, and around 5 million members.

  • The Tower Hamlets Recycle Group is absolutely brilliant. No wonder they produce champions

  • The World Land Trust

    is British-based. It sells a genuine acres of rainforest. This might not sound much - but hundreds of thousands soon make up a forest!
  • Become a Land Guardian locally, even in London!
  • Dirt! The Movie Trailer: timely film that tells the story of the glorious and unappreciated material beneath our feet. Inspired by William Bryant Logan's acclaimed book Dirt.
  • Seedballs, were recently "invented" in Japan!
  • Natural, Functional, and Restored Wetlands Conserve Precious Water.
  • Review of @61, a contemporary novel by Philipp Meyer.
    Have you considered raising your voice too?
    "Die when I may, I want it said of me that I plucked a weed and planted a flower where ever I thought a flower would grow".
  • Abraham Lincoln: born 12th February, 1809 in a log cabin - assassinated in the Ford Theatre, Washington 15th April, 1865.

  • Town dwellers are almost unaware the stars are there because light pollution cuts them off from the 'natural world'. Light pollution is bad for health, and a waste of resources.

    A friend of Jacyntha's helped to set up the The Campaign for Dark Skies. Members of The Campaign for Dark Skies do not expect you to walk in the dark, but they do try, through sensible planning and good design, to ensure that the correct amount of light is directed where and when it is needed! Suggested products are on the The Campaign for Dark Skies's website. Too much light when we are trying to sleep disturbs sleep patterns. This adds to our stress levels: see the posting for 16th November 2013 or the Research on Melatonin on Dirt! The Movie Trailer: Too much light at night effect the levels of melatonin in our body, and this is a bad thing! Some have even linked too much light at night to certain pre-cancerous states.

    The Campaign for Dark Skies is supported by both the @38 and the Campaign for Rural England the CPRE

  • An Introduction to My Work and Charitable Endeavours Within the Built Environment
    by @74 on 24th June 2013

  • US Architect John Blackburn Launches Eco-Friendly Barn Designs for Equestrian and Agricultural Use

  • RSPB Recycling Campaign,

  • April 2012: @72 received the Goldman Environmental Prize, the world’s largest prize for @14 She is one of only 6 winners ever recipients.

  • Podcasts on Energy Inputs in the Food System. Dr David Pimentel of Cornell University is interviewed by Louisa Dell'Amico on topics related to his paper: Reducing Energy Inputs in the US Food System

  • Celebs Get Behind Campaign to Save Bluefin Tuna from extinction

  • Don't Eat the Planet" a 6 1/2 minute musical video from Hong Kong

  • False "Green Certificate" backfires. The Australian supermarket company Woolworths has withdrawn tissue products after being outed by an anonymous blogger for using a "Sustainable Forest Fibre" logo on products sourced from a notorious Indonesian forestry company ...
  • Source: Australian Associated Press, August 27, 2007

  • Numerous Links to Energy Efficient Projects within the US

  • West London: Chiswick Local Produce: Too many vegetables? Bumper crop of apples or pears? Sell or exchange your local produce locally
  • The Family Kitchen Garden. Green fingered authors present fruits of their labours in this new book
  • Chiswick House Kitchen Gardens
  • Chiswick Recycling Action Group

  • @26 can be started by anyone anywhere and are @20 to lead a "greener life"

  • Some branches of Age UK take modern computers to pass on. 0800 1696565

  • @28, 6, Electric Avenue, Brixton, SW9 8JX. tel: 0207 733 0528

  • @78 is a national, award winning, leading social enterprise and registered charity @79 for recycling office furnite on an industrial scale. High profile firms like The Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays, EDF Energy and BT have all donated furniture no longer wanted
  • Emmaus: There are currently 19 Emmaus Communities open around the UK and 12 more in the pipeline. They are affiliated to Emmaus International

    Tower Hamlets Street Line Collection collects unwanted household items, furniture and electrical appliances and have developed a pilot project with @70 assisted by the William Bryant Logan's acclaimed book Dirt. (WEN) in North and East London that repairs and sells on electrical goods such as kettles and TVs

    Women's Environment Network is also highly involved with the Tower Hamlets Food Growing Network and The Campaign for Dark Skies(CDA) has a mobile shop to sell fresh fruit and vegetables at the door to those unable to get easily to their local shops

  • @84

  • @68 promotes @86 who works to raise awareness of the @93

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