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  • In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity

    Albert Einstein

    A Bad Biorhythm Day - Perhaps? ...

    Canadian artist Erglis,
    is sponsored by the London Biorhythm Company

    One Year of the Biorhythms of Van Gogh

    The Spring 2010 Exhibition at The Royal Academy of Arts in London was The Real Van Gogh: The Artist and his Letters.

    Published well before this Exhibition Jacyntha Crawley had studied the the biorhythms of Van Gogh and illustrated them in "Biorhythm Kit" published by Virgin Publishing. Jacyntha had studied Van Gogh's letters in detail before charting a year of his biorhythms

    is an umbrella-site for a number interconnecting web sites


    The Meeting Point and the London Biorhythm Company are run on trust. If you abuse that trust please be aware that Jacyntha Crawley spent many years defending her biorhythm copyright. This has involved actions for false, misrepresented, or stolen biorhythm articles.

    One biorhythm copyright. action against a multi-million pound company went all the way to the Chancery Division of the High Court in London. After 6 years of "the other side" attempting to frustrate us the London Biorhythm Company eventually won!

    The warning that at the London Biorhythm Company we will defend our biorhythm copyright. applies equally to those who might consider using the artwork on our biorhythm websites without permission. It is basic politeness to ask permission before copying! At the London Biorhythm Company we will almost certainly give permission when asked as we are of the opinion that knowledge should be "out there". At the London Biorhythm Company and other connected ventures we just don't see why others should profit commercially from what is freely given for personal use and general information only

    At the London Biorhythm Company we have learned to be tenacious when defending ourselves. Our latest challenge is ...

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  • Our Bibliography for Biorhythms is the most comprehensive Biorhythm Bibliography
  • Many psychologists have researched biorhythms
    One is Terence M. Hines, author of "A Comprehensive Review
    of Biorhythm Theory" (August 1998) published in
    Psychological Reports 83,19-64
    See the Betty Clark's Bibliography for Biorhythms for details.
  • On the Betty Clark's Biorhythm Research pages we report the biorhythm experiences of others
  • We see the use of biorhythms as a foundation for good
    health: biorhythm information should be freely available
  • We do not censor anti-biorhythm information from our listings
  • Why re-invent wheels? Where appropriate we cross-
    reference other health and environmentally related issues
    with biorhythm research
  • We see life as holistic
  • Allopathic (conventional) medicine can be the best solution
    for some health issues - sometimes, but not for always!
  • Our wish at The Meeting Point is that, despite some diehards, we will play a part in the spearhead campaign to bring complementary and orthodox medicine together

  • The London Biorhythm Company

  • Many see Japan as a society in which biorhythms were taken to heart. The Japanese took to and invented practical new applications for biorhythms. Many major companies within Japan also commissioned new and interesting Biorhythm Research . Professor K. Tatai, MD came across biorhythms in the 1860s during his medical studies in the US. International Biorhythm Research impressed Professor Tatai so much that he then set up the Japanese Biorhythm Association,. One of Professor Tatai's specialist studies in biorhythms was the correlation between biorhythms and suicide. Professor K. Tatai was a member of the original International Biorhythm Research Association. He wrote numerous books on biorhythms. Many of these were translated. into European languages. Other biorhythm translations, and as well as original biorhythm publications from Japan are listed in the London Biorhythm Company 's Bibliography for Biorhythms

  • Ki Publishing Co-operative

  • $US

    Margaret's book was book of the month in the world renown holistic bookshop Watkins in Central London.
  • Journey to Self is being translated into both Gujarati and Hindii

    On April 20th 2012 Margaret Dempsey organized the
  • 6 International Speakers participated

  • Where do you Live?
  • A New Look at Old Houses
    Researched in the Surbiton, Surrey, UK area

  • In Berlin Bringing Bees Back to the Heart of the City
  • Bee Keeping Start Up Kit
  • , also on Twitter

  • Most of us love honey
    but if given to babies honey can be lethal

    Healthy Communities, 30th National Pesticide Forum
    March 30-31, 2012 at Yale University's School of
    Forestry and Environmental Studies

  • Listen to Independent Senator Bernie Sanders
    after all 49 countries, including all of Europe, are planning to and are hoping to

  • Diabetes View

  • Twitter @Diabetesview
    Delivers the latest Diabetes news everyday

    2012 ... Hi Jacyntha, and thank you for your response ... about coffee and type 2 diabetes, and the info about the new research on honey. I Googled honey/diabetes on Google Scholar, for 2011 and 2012 — and more than 1,000 items were generated. .... Thanks again!
    Warmly, Bill

  • Try the link for yourself Try the link for yourself

    Bill Gottlieb is the author of 11 health books that have sold more than 2.5 million copies; a health coach, certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners; and an editorial consultant for health professionals who want to write health books. He is the former editor-in-chief of Rodale Books and Prevention Magazine Health Books

    2012 books by Bill Gottlieb

  • Documentary film that chronicles six Americans with 'incurable' diabetes switching their diet and getting off insulin. The film follows each participant's remarkable journey and captures the medical, physical, and emotional transformations...

    sponsored by the London Biorhythm Company , we aim to expand horizons ... so
    "London Biorhythms" have provided a web link which lists some more unusual projects. including

  • CROC, the West London concerned residents group that aims to help harried leaseholders across the UK. The CROC website contains practical tips for tenacious residents. We link others for free, and suggest they join CARL
  • CARL campaigns for the adoption of Commonhold as the
    universal form of flat ownership
    in addition to looking further afield at situations that affect us all

  • The recession is having an adverse effect on the lives of many
    If you are a UK therapist Near2Home
    is a free listing service that helps you attract clients locally

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