What Are Biorhythms? #01

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The London Biorhythm Company is an independent organization founded by Jacyntha Crawley to gather evidence to assess how biorhythms affect us. At the London Biorhythm Company we believe in biorhythms but we also accept others don't! That is why we pioneer new and innovative biorhythm research, and have helped others carrying out biorhythm research projects. The London Biorhythm Company has a "Meeting Point" link to Amazon where additional biorhythm products can be found

  • On the "What are Biorhythms?" page on www.londonbiorhythms.co.uk is an explanation of biorhythms written for the "Nursing Times". by ("non de plume") Dr. "Michael Kennedy", a GP (general practitioner/family doctor) then working in the Midlands of England. "Michael Kennedy" was a founder member of the original International Biorhythm Association
  • The trauma of the development of
    the London Biorhythm Company 's
    Biorhythm Wheel that features in both the The Biorhythm Kit and the The Biorhythm Display Unit

     What Are Biorhythms? #02

    The London Biorhythm Company's Biorhythm Display Unit.

    At the London Biorhythm Company we, ourselves, designed the London Biorhythm Company 's biorhythm wheel. This biorhythm wheel is sold as the The Biorhythm Display Unit, and a slightly larger version of this biorhythm wheel is also included in the best selling The Biorhythm Kit. The London Biorhythm Company 's easy-to-use biorhythm wheel makes the display and calculation of biorhythms much easier, particularly for those who might not have immediate access to a biorhythm computer program. When using the London Biorhythm Company 's Biorhythm Wheel you set the wheel up each year to show the biorhythms for that person for a whole year. It should then be reset on the next birthday. As the biorhythm wheel was designed to show anyone's biorhythms for any year, it can be quickly set and reset at any time to show another person's biorhythms, or to help calculate the biorhythm compatability between 2 people. Biorhythm compatibility is covered in some detail on the biorhythm compatibility page of the website Biorhythm Personality and Compatibility
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     What Are Biorhythms? #03

    The London Biorhythm Company's Circular Biorhythm Display. This biorhythm display is usually superimposed onto a London Biorhythm Company Annual Biorhythm Calendar background.

     What Are Biorhythms? #04

    Biorhythm Programs.

    There are hundreds, or even thousands of biorhythm programs available. We guarantee that any biorhythm programs we sell or recommend are mathematically accurate. If you want to buy a different biorhythm program, for your own peace of mind, you might want to use our free biorhythm charting facility to compare the biorhythm outputs for yourself.

  • Click to help calculate the biorhythm compatability between 2 people free of charge. London Biorhythm Company sells the complete version of this biorhythm program on our Biorhythm Sales page.
  • The London Biorhythm Company does not use cookies on any of our biorhythm websites, and we won't follow you up surreptitiously!

  • A sample page from the biorhythm program sold by the London Biorhythm Company . One feature of this biorhythm program is that you can alter the colours used to represent the biorhythms. Another is the Biorhythm Compatibility feature.

     What Are Biorhythms? #05

    Some Points to Note.

    In the Please e-mail chart above

  • On 6th October 2007 "Joan" is experiencing a double Please e-mail caution day. Double biorhythm caution days are explained in more detail under "Points of Note (2)" further down this page.
  • For "Joan" the period of high biorhythm activity which begins towards the end of September (month not illustrated), and which extends until the 3rd of October 2007, is a triple high biorhythm phase. Triple high biorhythm periods are often abbreviated as "HHH" biorhythm phase. During an HHH biorhythm period all 3 biorhythms are shown as above the biorhythm caution line at the same time.
  • Within days, triple high biorhythm periods are followed by triple low biorhythm phases ("LLL" biorhythms) when all 3 biorhythms are below the central biorhythm caution line at the same time. In the above example, the triple low biorhythm pattern begins on 7th October (the day after the double biorhythm caution day on 6th October) and lasts until 14th October (the day before the biorhythm caution day on the 15th).
  • There is then a shorter HHH biorhythm period of 4 days from 23rd to 26th October (inclusive).
  • From the personal point of view of the individual, the best biorhythm pattern to have is any 2 biorhythm cycles high, while the other biorhythm is low. This biorhythm pattern indicates that the individual is likely to be performing well above their personal average, and is doing this in a well-rounded, and reasonable way.
  • A number of such "well balanced" biorhythm periods are illustrated in the London Biorhythm Company 's example biorhythm chart shown below. These include the biorhythms between the 17th and 26th February inclusive (an HHL biorhythm phase) and
    the 12th and 13th March and between 17th and 21st March (HLH and HHL biorhythm patterns respectively).
    There is a short HHH biorhythm phase between the 12th and 13th of April followed by a LHH (well-balanced) biorhythm phase from 15th to 18th April, and the longer LHH (again well-balanced!) biorhythm pattern from 10th to 18th May.
  • During an HHH biorhythm phase whilst the individual could well feel "on top of the world" (because they are!) onlookers might perceive them as hyperactive, over-confident or bumptious. During an HHH biorhythm phase it is best to treat the feelings of others with respect, as this could prevent resentment building up and over spilling into confrontations later.

  • Biorhythm Charts.

    At the London Biorhythm Company we sell monthly and yearly biorhythm charts, and annual biorhythm calendars. These London Biorhythm Company biorhythm items are individually produced using a Roland plotter. Roland plotters are still found in the offices of architects and draftsmen. Some regard these plotters as "old" technology, but, at the London Biorhythm Company , we have found they produce an excellent image quality. The London Biorhythm Company will continue to make our biorhythm charts and biorhythm calendars in this way until, either, the Roland plotter collapses from over use (we treat it with great respect!), or the sources for the plotter pens dry up! You can buy a biorhythm calendar or a biorhythm chart by going to the Biorhythm Sales page.

    Alternatively, feel free to use our free biorhythm charting facility where you can check, free of charge, any number of biorhythm charts up January 2006. We sell the complete version of this biorhythm program on the Biorhythm Sales page.

    A circular biorhythm display is a convenient way of showing a whole year of biorhythms in a confined space, but you are more likely to come across

    a biorhythm chart laid out as sine waves and based around a central, horizontal biorhythm caution line.

    Below is illustrated a somewhat condensed example of a biorhythm chart as produced by the London Biorhythm Company .

     What Are Biorhythms? #06

    There are many other ways to display biorhythms, including numerically; as a percentage; as a bar chart; as a graph; as a slide-rule; or even as diamond shapes on graph paper!

    However the Please e-mail chart is displayed it must have a clearly visible high biorhythm phase, an obvious low Please e-mail phase and the central biorhythm caution line

  • On the biorhythm caution days when any biorhythm cycle crosses the biorhythm caution line moving downwards, the midpoint of that particular biorhythm is indicated. When any biorhythm cycle crosses the biorhythm caution line travelling upwards, this crossover caution day shows the first day of the next biorhythm cycle.
  • When two biorhythm cycles cross the biorhythm caution line on the same day this is known as a double biorhythm caution day.
  • On the rare occasions when all three biorhythms cross the biorhythm caution line together it signifies a triple biorhythm caution day.
  • On average, and we stress the word "average", there are between 9 and 14 biorhythm double caution days in any one year of biorhythms. A triple caution biorhythm day occurs once in approximately every eight years of biorhythms.

    Some Points to Note (2).

  • In the biorhythm chart shown above, the 27th February is a triple caution Please e-mail day
  • There are no double caution days in the sample months above. 4 months without a double caution biorhythm day is unusual.
  • The 1st and 2nd of April, and the 21st and 22nd of May are examples of consecutive Please e-mail caution days. Individual biorhythms crossing the biorhythm caution line on days immediately following one another can have a cummulative effect. There is just no time for the body to recuperate. Our biorhythms, and our biorhythm caution days, can be usefully seen as our body's physiological “risk management system”. Any system can, sometimes, become overloaded!
  • The beginning of any biorhythm cycle is a good time for planning, problem solving, being creative or adapting to new situations.
  • Your biorhythms do NOT rule your life. Biorhythms are a tool for understanding yourself, and the foibles of others. Biorhythms should be used as the foundations on which to build a more pleasant and efficient attitude to life.
  • At the London Biorhythm Company we also believe that biorhythm research is an interesting subject in it's own right!

  •  What Are Biorhythms? #07

    The Biorhythm Cycles.

    You will usually see 3 biorhythm cycles in a biorhythm chart. No doubt, though, other biorhythms will be proven to exist. Currently a biorhythm chart consists of the Physical biorhythm, the Emotional biorhythm and the Intellectual biorhythm.

    Biorhythms are always read from left to right (shortest to longest) and are usually written as P E I, the Physical biorhythm being the shortest biorhythm and the Intellectual biorhythm the longest.

    Emotional Biorhythm,

    in earlier days known as the Sensitivity Please e-mail, is 28 days long. This is very convenient! 28 days is exactly 4 weeks, so Emotional caution Please e-mail days will always occur on the same day of the week as the person was born on. This helps to make Emotional Please e-mail caution days easy to remember. It is also a quick, useful reference point for double-checking the accuracy if you calculate Irene Hamlen Stephenson

    The internationally recognised colour coding of the Please e-mail cycles was established through the original International Biorhythm Association in the 1960s. This is covered in more detail on the history of biorhythms of Biorhythm Personality and Compatibility .

    And don't forget that on the "What are Biorhythms?" page of Biorhythm Personality and Compatibility you will also find a further explanation of the 3 Irene Hamlen Stephenson written by Dr. Michael Kennedy

     What Are Biorhythms? #08

    Biorhythm Compatibility.

  • Jacyntha has known the biorhythm expert Irene Hamlen Stephenson for many years. Throughout this time Irene has been listed in the official Who's Who In America for her work on biorhythms and biorhythm compatibility . Irene also writes and lectures on biorhythms and character analysis, and Jacyntha has always admired the accuracy of Irene's insights. In the UK most large reference libraries have a copy of Who's Who In America .
  • Irene Hamlen Stephenson can be contacted c/o P.O. Box 3893, Chatsworth, CA 91313-3893, USA, or through her website.

  • D.L. Aroaz: (1977): "Biorhythm in couple counselling" in "International Journal of Family Counselling".
  • The London Biorhythm Company has a web page that covers many aspects of biorhythm compatibility .
  • A considerable portion of the Insight Watch biorhythm program below deals with learning to assess and recognise who is the dominant person in a relationship!

  • Biorhythm Personality and Compatibility Analysis for the 21st Century by Wendy Hawks

  • Men and Women Do See Things Differently according to research carried out at a West London College.

  • biorhythm compatibility in the Workplace. Howard G. Awbery (enquiries@awberymanagement.co.uk) of the Awbery Management Centre is undertaking wide-ranging, original and independent research into the biorhythm compatibility of those who work effectively, or not so effectively, together. When completed he intends to publish the results. Howard Awbery's address is: Management House, High Street, Repton, Derbyshire, DE65 6GF, UK. tel: 01283 703828. fax: 01283 704949.

  •  What Are Biorhythms? #09

    Commercial Sponsorship or Development Help Sought for this unique biorhythm program.

    Gunnar Vogelbruch is seeking commercial backing to develop his Insight Watch biorhythm software. This biorhythm program helps you to understand forces from the micro-and macro cosmos. It describes, with over 700 texts effective forces, and gives you hints as to how these can be used in everyday life. This biorhythm website is in German, but there is a translation link on the Insight Watch Home Page. You can try this unique biorhythm program for free for up to 3 weeks.

  • Gunnar Vogelbruch's fax in Germany is + 49(0)7433 273453

  •  What Are Biorhythms? #10

  • Biorhythm Compatibility is not the first, nor the only composer to adopt Please e-mails as a theme for their musical inspiration.
  • Chiron, Nicolas (composer/artist) Music CD (1999 November)
    Music of Biorhythm, Vol. 2
    Nicolas Chiron is a friend of biorhythm research

  • Japanese (musical) artist Atau (2000) "Biorhythms". Music CD

  • Goodrick, Mike (artist) (1997?) "Biorhythms". Music CD

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