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  • Environment related university courses in the UK

  • February 2012: e-petition: Make financial education a compulsory part of the school curriculum
    reached the necessary 100,000 signatures. When implemented by government it will help prevent large corporations and payday loan companies using the poor as their piggy banks

  • Becoming Fearless is a video series sponsored by Toyota:
    In May 2012 Becoming Fearless About Money was the first to become available

  • Money Free Movement on Facebook

  • Non-Profit Making and Public Sector Organisations are offered a free listing for 6 months by the Press Release Service - 24dash.com

  • Social Sector Jobs are on Twitter @ Work_Social

  • One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside us all ... "The battle between two wolves."

    One Wolf is evil. It is angry, envious, jealous, greedy, arrogant, full of self-pity, guilt, resentment, the ego, false pride, and it tells lies!

    The other is Good. It is full of joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith.

    The grandson thought about this for a moment and then said: "Which wolf wins?"

    The answer: The one you feed!

    These alternatives to banks are now beginning to gain a higher profile within the UK. In many countries including Ireland, the USA and The West Indies they are a major player in the mainstream banking service

    Ian Moseley was involved with the 'start-up' of the London Community Credit Union, It began as the Tower Hamlets Community Credit Union in East London, and in his 'spare time' Ian is the Chair of the Management Committee which makes him the Hon President

    In 2002 the Tower Hamlets Community Credit Unions won the 1,000 prize for best run and fastest growing credit union in England and Wales. This was awarded by ABCUL (the Association of British Credit Unions Limited) although Scotland has a slightly different regulatory system for financial organizations

    Below is a picture of Ian Moseley (on the left), Hon Chair of the London Community Credit Union, and a director of the London Biorhythm Company taken during the presentation at the ABCUL award

    Fair Trade , Credit Unions, Co-operative Development #01

    Ian believes that no-one should be at the mercy of credit-sharks ...

    He wants others to appreciate the good that well run Credit Unions can do.

    Here is his explanation of what a credit union is:

    "I could tell you ‘what’ a credit union is in one sentence.

    I could also define cricket in one sentence, but you would still have no idea how to play the game, although, to their credit, our cousins in the USA are now taking to it!

    So, what exactly is a Credit Union?

    A credit union is a mutually owned organization, which provides a facility for savings, and provides rate-capped loans to its members from those savings.

    Credit Unions are often seen in Britain as providing access to financial services for the financially excluded. Ian objects to this view as it conjures up, by association, the phrase 'poor man's bank'.

    If we think in global terms 25% of Americans, and 50% of the Irish population are credit union members. In those countries, and others, a Credit Union is seen as a central part of community life.

    A credit union is a group of people with a "common bond". This might be the workplace; the geographical work area; the area lived-in; a social group, etc. In formal terms those within that "common bond" form an industrial and provident society which is subject to a number of rules and financial regulations such as the Credit Union Act.

    Anyone within the "common bond" can become a member of the Credit Union, and the organization is owned and controlled by its members.

    Credit Unions encourages members to save, and these savings provide the funds from which members can obtain loans. The maximum charge for these loans is 1% per month or 12.68% APR. It can be, and sometimes is, less.

    The income from the loans is used to finance the day to day running of the credit union, and any surplus is distributed in whatever way the members decide at the AGM. Surpluses are usually paid out as a dividend.

    You might see main stream banks and building societies offering cheaper loans, but these are usually for larger amounts of money, or to people with equity or good credit records.

    Those who do not fit this criteria often deal with doorstep lenders; high street cheque-cashers and other high rate money providers. By contrast, loans from Credit Unions are based on shares held in the Credit Union and/or the ability to repay, whilst any surplus made at the end of the year is retained within the local community.

    Saving encouragement and loans to members are the core business of Credit Unions

    Setting up a credit union can be hard work!

    The potential size of 'New Model Credit Unions' means that the day to day running needs to be done by professional staff. To form and register a credit union in England and Wales a number of criteria as set down by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) must be met. This is the responsibility of the Steering Group, those on the committee who helped set it up. Later the directors, to ensure that the credit union is, at all times, a financially viable organization, and that it continues to act in a responsible and legal manner - even when 'they' keep changing the rules on you! This means that any new credit union needs members who are prepared to see the formation process through from start to finish.

    This is hard work, but it is very rewarding. As a committee member of a credit union you have the opportunity take a part in the formation, and watch the growth of what will be a major influence on the prosperity of your community. There is a part to play for everybody, so I live in hope that some of you reading this will consider volunteering in your local area.

    Buy or borrow books on social finance

  • Social Enterprise London
  • SEL is the regional agency that promotes Social Enterprise in London and increases the scale of the Social Economy. On 7th December 2006, SEL launched a new finance guide called "Climbing the Ladder" aimed at social enterprises at all stages of development

    SEL is supported by (the ethical) Triodos Bank, Europe’s leading social banking specialist.

    The Iraqi Youth Initiative

    Twitter @ YouthIraq
    through USAID IRAQ is a job creation program that can lead to access to microfinance for young entrepreneurs, apprenticeship opportunities and jobs
  • The Aid Worker Daily (Twitter @ aidworkerdaily) for Humanitarian News and Technology Reviews
    is based in San Francisco, California

  • The East London Borough of Tower Hamlets Co-operative Development Agency (CDA) is managed by Gregory Cohen

  • Jacyntha Crawley and Ian Moseley (picture above) are both members of the Tower Hamlets Co-operative Development Agency , and have been on the Management Committee

  • Irish Co-operative Organization Society
  • Co-operatives South East News
  • Building Co-operatives in the Capital
  • Some International Food Co-operatives
  • How to start a cooperative and change the world
  • Setbacks And Surprises Part Of The Deal For A Startup

  • Real Good for Free: The Paradox of Leisure Time

  • Dedicated to Small Farmers and Fair Trade

  • Fair Trade Expansion in the UK

  • The first London Borough (administrative district) to achieve Fair Trade status was Croydon, in the South, and there are regular fair trade markets held throughout the year. Another London Borough to have received Fair Trade status is Tower Hamlets in the East. Kingston-upon-Thames, in the west of London achieved Fair Trade status in April 2005. As well as being a Royal Borough, Kingston-upon-Thames is the administrative centre for the county of Surrey, and has a thriving University

    Borough by Borough the aim was to make London a Fair Trade City
  • The 100 year old postcard reproduced below shows the Coronation Stone used by the Saxon Kings who ruled the South of England before the Norman Conquest of 1066. The Coronation Stone is signposted within Kingston. Its location has since been moved slightly to ease traffic flow

  • The 1911 hand-tinted image of Kingston-upon-Thames is in the archives of Ki Cards
  • Fair Trade , Credit Unions, Co-operative Development #02

    In 2004 the (UK) Co-operative Supermarket chain pledged

    to have all their own brand products as fair-trade by the end of 2005. In addition they also pledged to ban nitro and polycyclic musks and phthalates from them. These chemicals are linked to cancers; loss of fertility and environmental damage

    In the UK, Fair Trade Fortnight
    is an annual event held in March

  • Green and Black's dark chocolate was the first 'Fair Trade' product to be launched in the UK.
  • The Ethical Consumer Magazine.
  • The British Association for Fair Trade status Shops, BAFTS.
  • The Green Consumer Guide.
  • In January 2006 Janet Tibble, the editor of the government funded Overseas Trade magazine gave her views on Fair Trade status
  • Trade Justice

    is an equivalent organization in the US


  • If you can afford to, please buy the slightly smaller, slightly more expensive, superior quality bananas from the Winward Islands
  • Huge-multinational conglomerates own the banana plantations in South America and undercut the Winward Islands bananas on price, but they abuse their workers and keep them in near 'slavery'. They also rely on the unregulated and indiscriminate use of pesticides and other chemicals to grow bigger crops.
  • Well-produced, good quality bananas are an excellent food for those who suffer from tinnitus. And, no, ... we don't suggest they are stuffed into the ears!

  • The UK University of Nottingham, Institute for the Study of Slavery seeks to pursue and develop research on contemporary, as well as historical slavery in all parts of the world. ...

  • Coffee

  • Article on Fair Trade status coffee in Nicaragua written for USA Today by a friend of Jacyntha 's who spent her gap year promoting this project

  • Rwanda: The Abahuzamugumbi Co-operative consists of small holder farmers who grow and process high-grade coffee in the South of the country, sold in the UK under the trade name Roasters Co-operative

  • On being served Fair Trade Coffee ....

  • Listen to a Fair Trade Coffee grower explaining the benefits

  • Cooking with Coffee: 60 Recipes Using Fair Trade Coffee (New Internationalist Fairtrade Cookbooks) (Paperback)

  • Most Oxfam shops sell Fair Trade status coffees, teas and fair trade groceries, chocolate, snack bars and sweets; dried fruit, jam, marmalade and honey; nuts, rice, sugar and olive oil from Palestine where there are some of the oldest olive groves in the world. Christmas items in season. Jacyntha can recommend Oxfam organic cashew nuts (unsalted) from Ecuador . Cashew nuts contain minerals that can help re-balance female mood swings!
  • At Zaytoun they also sell organic olive oil, juicy medjoul dates, and other artisan foods from Palestine
  • Oxfam shops is the largest retailer of second-hand books in Europe.
  • Design from the range at www.batikcards.net
    Fair Trade , Credit Unions, Co-operative Development #03

    The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

  • wild-life friendly, organic rice. This rice won best new food product at the Natural Products and Organic Industry Awards in 2005. It is grown in north-east Spain, in collaboration with SEO , the RSPB's Bird Life partners in Spain. SEO has a farm in the Ebro Delta, in north-east Spain, and the wetlands on which the rice grows are a major source of food for thousands of migrating birds.
  • Brown organic rice is excellent for those who suffer from tinnitus.
  • Going Against the Grain in Louisiana.

  • Wheat for Wildlife-friendly Penne Pasta, and white and brown spaghetti, are produced by the RSPB from organic durum wheat. This is grown in the steppes, in Aragon, in north-east Spain, and the farms are important to birds like the calandra lark and the pin-tailed sand grouse

  • Local Exchange Trading Schemes (LETS)
  • The Tower Hamlets London Recycle Group is absolutely brilliant
  • UK Freecycle Groups
  • US Freecycle
  • Green Gonzo is like e-bay but everything is absolutely FREE!

  • Fair Trade Islands

    is one of the remotest islands in the UK situated between Shetland and Orkney in the North Sea. The Norwegians, the Scots and the English, have all claimed sovereignty there. Fair Isle is officially the first Fair Trade status island within the UK

    Fair Isle has been owned by the National Trust for Scotland for over 50 years. The 2 light-houses have been automated with the loss of a major source of outside income to Fair Isle. The economy now depends on the world famous bird observatory, and Fair Isle knitwear. Conservation groups from the London Intervarsity Club, including the group led by Jacyntha and Ian have volunteered there

  • Scottish Islands Explorer is produced in Fair Isle. It is the only magazine to specialize in The Scottish islands

  • Sunday 6th - Saturday 12th October 2014
    5th Shetland Wool Week

  • the largest of the Channel Islands between England and France in the English Channel

    Jersey became a Fair Trade status island through the efforts of the Fair Trade status island group Sister Hilary Brown , a friend of Jacyntha 's, was then the CAFOD representative for Jersey. The free booklet "Fair Trade status island Jersey" lists enterprises that support the campaign.

  • CAFOD is the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development the English and Welsh arm of one of the largest relief networks in the world

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