Ki Health Notes: Diary and General: #01


  • Free placements on their arboreal training courses
    for unemployed Londoners

  • UK Schools and Community Groups
    Would you like to plant your own trees for free?
  • The Woodland Trust also needs volunteer speakers

  • The Calendar for Kent Farmers' Markets shows that more than
    950 are planned for 2015

  • List of all 180 free entry museums in the UK

  • ETHOS is the system the British Library uses to allow access to over 300,000 PhD theses, including theses on Biorhythms

  • UK Diary 2015
  • To get 2 for 1 entry on Foodie Festivals across the UK use the link or
    ring 0844 995 1111 and quote event 241
  • Further Food Festivals ...

  • October: Wigtown Book Festival Scotland, and other book festivals

  • Working in The City of London? There is a regular lunch market serving ethnic ready to eat food. Guildhall Yard, London EC2V 5AE

  • Friday 6th November-Sunday 8th November
    BBC Good Food Scotland, SECC Glasgow

  • Dates of Many 2016 English Food Festivals
    We will publish discount code here, on the Ki Publishing Facebook Page and on Ki Publishing blogs when we get it

  • MORE Free tickets and Food Festival listings

  • European Diary 2015
  • June 2015: 46th International Poetry Festival Rotterdam 2015

  • The European Federation of Homeopathic Patients' Association founded 10 years ago in 2003 EFHPA was established to represent the voice of homeopathic patients in Europe and to help develop and support the formation of national patient groups throughout Europe. The last Chief Executive of the (UK) Natural Medicine Society charity became the Secretary of the EFHPA

  • Canada Diary 2015
  • Twitter @BodySoulSpiritX

  • Wild Edible Superfoods and More

  • Urban Agriculture in Alberta

    Quebec’s own delicious chips, cheese and gravy mash-up is going to be massive in 2015, believes Austin Latimer, executive chef at The Diner in London

    "Londoners have a growing appetite for easy-to-eat indulgent dishes. Since adding poutine to our menu we've seen a huge pick up from diners”

  • US Diary 2015
  • Wigtown Book Festival Scotland
    (US) National Bookstart Week organised by The Book Trust
    The Northern Ireland Government will no longer be funding Bookstart so 50,000 babies and children in Northern Ireland could miss out on the early intervention reading programme, that gives families free books, reading tips and book recommendations
    Please BBC Good Food Scotland to reverse this decision

  • Very informative website that lists all of the "Food Weeks" across the United States, fixed dates each year and variable events. Some UK Food Festivals are also publicized. There are also Food Reference and Book Reviews; History, Trivia, Festivals, Cookery Schools and Recipes

  • In Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY you can live off the land,
    The Park website has an extensive conservation diary

  • Scientists Warn of Serious Health Consequences if Governments Don't Prioritize Natural Food

  • 2016
  • March 9th-13th
    Natural Health Expo West in California, USA
  • The George Mateljan Foundation

  • The C40 is a network of the world's largest cities committed to implementing sustainable climate-related policies locally to help address concerns globally. Twitter @c40cities

    Ki Health Notes: Diary and General: #02

    Practical Help and Organisation Links

    UK-based Listings

  • The Anaphylaxis Campaign is the only UK wide charity to meet the needs of the growing numbers of people at risk from severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis) by providing information and support relating to foods and other triggers such as latex, drugs and insect stings

  • The British Acupuncture Council.
    is the UK's main regulatory body for the practice of acupuncture. Over 2,800 professionally qualified acupuncturists are registered

  • FairPlay for Children

  • West London based "CROC" is an active group of share-holder residents. The website contains helpful tips for other unfortunate leaseholders. Why reinvent wheels? They explain how to challenge someone who is suspected of "enhancing their own qualifications"

  • Compassion in World Farming

  • Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) and Trading Standards Officers (TSOs) are employed by local Councils (UK Local Government). Environmental Health Officers enforce the quality of hygiene in British food shops and restaurants, and outside London they often oversee farm animal welfare, including abattoir conditions. Outside London, Trading Standards Officers enforce the farm animal welfare regulations, including slaughter house regulations. TSOs are the starting point for querying mislabelled, or misleading product descriptions. They investigate, and enforce the law when non-organic food products are passed off as organic. Trading Standards Officers enforce the law on underweight food purchases and verify the quality of awarded qualifications, and whether a person may have "enhancing their own qualifications" TSOs investigate the growing number of web-based university, and qualification-awarding websites, and close down the scams

    This link is to the list of individual contacts for administrative sections of the Food Standards Agency. These include the Allergy and Food Intolerance Research group and the Vegetarian and Vegan Labelling section.
  • The Chief Scientist of the Food Standards Agency has a blog. Dr Andrew Wadge's posting at the end of August 2007, included a cautionary tale about caffeine intake, as well as research into the cancer-fighting properties of proanthocyanin in purple, black and blue fruit and vegetables. You can also log on and have your say

  • Welsh Cadw’n Heini am Geiniog a Dimau: In Wales the Food Standards Agency is supporting the Sports Council for Wales in its campaign to help win the battle of the bulge. The Sports Council has a series of expert tips on low-cost exercise options; motivational mantras to help slim down waistlines links to the Eatwell website

  • New Scientist, 15th July 2009
    The Calorie Delusion: Why Food Labels Are Wrong
  • Excellent Food, Health and Nutrition Information and Newsletter in English from the Healthy Eating Club

  • Leatherhead Homeopathic Group meets on Wednesday afternoons: tel +44 (0)1372 372348. A large, active local group for those interested in homeopathy the group publishes a bi-monthly Newsletter
    Details 3, Elm Drive, Leatherhead, KT22 8EX
  • There is a similarly active local group in nearby Epsom
  • Leatherhead is a market town just outside the Greater London area in Surrey. On Wednesdays a French market is held in Leatherhead

  • The Medical Research Council's Human Nutrition Centre in Cambridge needs volunteers

  • Men's Health Scotland website where you can sign up to a free Health e-Newsletter

  • London Community Credit Union
  • Tower Hamlets Co-operative Development Agency

  • Catering for Vegetarians in the Care Sector

  • Growing your own vegetables in your backyard is a great way to ensure there are no pesticides used in your food. Whether you have a large house with a shed in the backyard or you live in a small apartment , it is possible to grow your own organic vegetables. This is a great convenience for vegetarians and vegans who often choose to eat only organic vegetables and fruits

  • US Links

  • This "world clock" charts the incidence of disease, world population, births, deaths and illness patterns. Vividly documented is the rise of the numbers of sufferers of diet-related diseases, such as diabetes and cardiovascular illness

  • February 2010: Every year Dr. Gregor reviews the world’s scientific nutrition literature for ground breaking developments that he compiles into an annual Latest in Nutrition talk

    Michael Gregor recorded his most recent talks on 90-minute DVDs, and he has offered to send copies of these regular mail together with a copy of his DVD on Bird Flu to any IVU (International Vegetarian Union) member organisation. You can contact Michael Gregor and subscribe to his free electronic Newsletter.
  • February, 2009: Michael Gregor published two articles in the peer-reviewed scientific literature. They are available free, full-text.
  • In March, 2009 Dr. Gregor appeared on US TV on the comedic Colbert Report.
    Michael Greger, MD is one of the vegetarian world’s best-known medical experts. He is the Director of Public Health and Animal Agriculture at the Humane Society of the United States.
  • Link to an article in Scientific American on 23rd December 2008.

  • In 1997 The American Dietetic Association's 1997 recognized the preventative effects of vegetarian diets.
  • Link to a PowerPoint presentation in English by Tobias Leenaert of Ethical Vegetarian Alternative (EVA), Belgium’s biggest vegetarian organization
  • Vegan World Radio is run from Houston, and is on Twitter
  • Scott Jurek: Ultramarathoner, a Vegan holds numerous records.

  • California lead the US in promoting animal rights

  • Smart People Really Do Think Faster!
  • To Keep Your Brain Nimble As You Age, Stretch It ...
  • One Man Tackles Psychotherapy for the Amish

  • New Scientist, 15th July, 2009: The Calorie Delusion: Why Food Labels Are Wrong

  • Directory of American Alternative Medicine Clinics
    tel: 00 1 206-600-6530. You might access it through (ILLiad), The US Interlibrary Loan Scheme
  • The American Alternative Medicine Association.

  • The (US) Association for Holistic Health, incorporating the Chronicle of Holistic Health and The Foundation of the Healthcare of the Future . Delray Beach, FL 33482, USA

  • The Intergrative Medicine Network, San Francisco, USA
  • The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Find out what many of the different therapies cover, and what (in the USA) you should expect from practitioners. Herbs and herbal remedies are covered in some detail

  • Abstracts of medical research connected with dietary intake

    are available free, but to read an entire article, some form of payment or subscription is required
  • Using this helpful feature enter a food, a food combination or drink into "Search". Use the singular of the search word - eg USE bilberry NOT "bilberries" and the nutritional breakdown is displayed

  • The George Mateljan Foundation is a non-profit organization without commercial influences. It provides FREE, unbiased scientific information about nutrient-rich foods
  • MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers), P.O. Box 541688, Dallas, TX75354-1688, USA. 1-800-438-6233. In the US over 5,000 young people are killed each year in this manner

  • Non-Profit Directory CD contains more than 85,000 Non-Profit Organizations and Foundations located in the United States and Canada. Information to finance your next project, or team up with other organizations through Non-Profit. To order call: 00 1 450-224-9275: CD costs around US$150.

  • Worldwide Links

  • 84 minute Australian-made film released in December 2008. A Delicate Balance can be viewed on-line at a cost of US$4.95 per viewing. It documents prominent experts on nutrition. Over 50 years of research explains the mysteries behind the disease epidemic that has struck affluent countries. Now 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women are diagnosed with some form of cancer.
  • Food Standards Australia and New Zealand

  • May 2009: Ghent, Belgium was the world's first city to have a Meatless Day. This followed from an invited talk in Ghent in 2008 in which Dr Rajendra K. Pachauri, the Chairman of the IPCC, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change spoke about meat production and global warming
  • Hasslet in Belgium and San Paola in Brazil copied this. In the US and the UK there is the The Meatless Monday campaign supported by Sir Paul McCartney, with Dr. Pachauri
  • People in Sweden are being urged to eat less meat
  • A petition is circulating urging the government of Taiwan to adopt Meatless Mondays.
  • The Meat Free Monday Cookbook:
    A Full Menu for Every Monday of the Year by Meat Free Monday Campaign
  • Link to a PowerPoint presentation in English by Tobias Leenaert of Ethical Vegetarian Alternative (EVA), Belgium’s biggest vegetarian organization

  • Two minute video (in French with English subtitles) produced in Quebec, Canada, and called Legumes Speak to us. Stéphane Groleau

  • Homo Vegetus: blog on Veganism in Spanish for Children.
  • Vegan World Radio is also on Twitter

  • Excellent Food, Health and Nutrition Information and Newsletter in English from the Healthy Eating Club.

  • The CCLEF, the Commonwealth Countries League Education Fund changes lives through Education and Friendship
  • The Commonwealth Foundation

  • Greenpeace sent a message on-line to the world leaders at the UN Climate Change conference in December in Copenhagen

  • Ghana : East Africa's first Vegetarian/Vegan Library opened in May 2008 in Assase Pa, Ghana’s original vegetarian restaurant based in Accra. The beautifully restored building in the middle of Accra
  • Francis Amanyo a vegan in Ghana running a vegan-vegetarian restaurant selling tofu, soya ice creams; pizza, salads etc. Phone 233 243 22 75 90 for details. We are not endorsing: we just want to help!

  • Don't Eat The Planet a 6 1/2 minute musical video from Hong Kong

  • Maneka Gandhi, a vegan Indian politician is an outspoken activist for animal rights, and Chairperson of People for Animals
  • People for Animals organise a scheme through which unwanted dogs in India can be adopted

  • Seedballs have recently been "invented" in Japan!
  • A vegetarian magazine in Japan. The editor is vegetarian and wants to raise awareness for veg-related businesses in Japan
  • Professor Dr. Mitsuru Kakimoto, the President of the Japan Vegetarian Society, has a research paper in the prestigious Japanese Journal of Clinical Nutrition, No. 4 (2009), entitled
    "Vegetarianism and Vegetarian Diets - History and Types". All international airlines offer vegetarian options for the airline meals. The author discusses the various types of vegetarians, and explains that the IVU's definition of vegetarian includes vegans, lacto vegetarians and lacto-ovo vegetarians. The following issue of the Japanese Journal of Clinical Nutrition will carry an article on vegetarian diets in hospitals

  • New Zealand Food Safety Authority. At the Meeting Point we recommend this site as informative and very easy-to-
  • The New Zealand Natural Medicine Association

  • The Vegetarian Union of Paraguay has launched a colourful e-Newsletter in Spanish

  • Portugal: Dr. M. Rodrigues Pereira is an HIV activist, founder and former President of ABRACO (Portugal's first HIV/AIDS Non Government Organization or NGO). He has been HIV POSITIVE for over 18 years
  • Prof. Doutor M.J.Halpern, Retired professor of Medical Biochemistry, 1ª Tr. Rua JJ Bogalho 3-5º Esq F, Figueira da Fo 3080-143, Portugal. tel. (351) 964102137
    Professor Halpern's site on complementary therapies
    A site with texts on physiopathology, nutrition and biochemistry

  • Now in Spanish translation, Plant Based Nutrition is a booklet by Dr Stephen Walsh of the Vegan Society. The English version is now available on-line, as is the Spanish

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