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Nutrition and Nutrition Advisers

10th March 2010: South Korea Does What the US Refuses to Do: Restrict Junk Food Advertising to Children.
  • Scientists Warn of Serious Health Consequences if Governments Don't Prioritise Natural Food. as explained on 17th April 2009 at the Total Health 09, Toronto, Canada.
  • The British Nutrition Foundation: a charity that works with academic and research institutes, the food industry, educators and the government to give impartial, scientifically based advice
  • USDA Nutrition Breakdown Link
  • The George Mateljan Foundation is a non-profit organization without commercial influences. Find FREE, unbiased scientific information on nutrient-rich foods
  • Calorie counting made easy: : trials in restaurants
  • Let US Eat Cake: The Paradox of Scarcity
  • New Scientist, 15th July, 2009: The Calorie Delusion: Why Food Labels Are Wrong

  • Can you cook? Why not volunteer for Home Start, a self-help group that provides support for families, especially those with children under five
  • (US) Fresh Food Advocates Link Farmers, Doctors and Low-Income Families

  • Free health and exercise advice from a Guiness Book of Records featured endurance swimmer. Dan "Earthquake" is a volunteer DJ on Walsall Hospital Radio in the Midlands of the UK. Dan believes that no-one is too old, too fat, too thin or too broke to benefit from regular exercise. Dan has collaborated with Dave Gauder who is not a "big" man physically, but is regarded by many as the strongest man who has ever lived!

    In 1987 Dave Gauder pulled Concorde 40 feet along the runway at Heathrow Airport, and he has set 24 Guinness World Records, 17 of which have not been contested. By January 2005 Dave Gauder had performed 588 bus pulls, as part of his anti-bullying campaign, He had presented this to over 450,000 children. Dave's philosophy is Never Say Can't

    Want to volunteer for a nutrition study? In the UK Human Nutrition Research Centre in Cambridge (the MRC-HNR) is funded by the Medical Research Council, and the trials are NOT for testing medication. You eat a specific food at home.

  • Have you already volunteered? Do you want to write about it?

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  • Design from the Batik Cards range

  • To buy 2 for 1 tickets to Foodie Festivals across the UK please use the link or
    ring 0844 995 1111 and quote event 241

  • Nourishing The Planet
  • June 2012: A Personal View on the US Farm Bill
  • "Nature's Barcode" Tells The Story Of Foods' True Origin
  • You might want to look a bit closer at what you're eating ...
  • UK Government Promoting GM Food Safety Agenda
  • The Food Standards Agency has an Eatwell website. Food safety and healthy eating with particular focus on the environment and sustainability
  • 25th July 2011: The FSA e-news reports on how the BBC followed front line food safety enforcement staff as they carried out their daily routines. To subscribe to FSA e-news

  • Just Food news and features on food matters
  • How far your food has travelled? Food for a Healthy Planet
  • "Food is Better Medicine than Drugs" by Patrick Holford
  • Natural Healing Today and Healthy Recipes
  • European Directives on Good Practices from Farm to Fork
  • This Food Reference web site lists all of the "Food Weeks" across the United States, and some UK Food Festivals too. Food Reference Information and Book Reviews; History, Trivia, Festivals, Cookery Schools and Recipes included
  • Food Festivals (Paperback)

  • The British National Fruit Tree Collection is at Brogdale in Kent.
  • Brogdale Apple and Pear Recipe Book
  • An Apple a Day Melts the Pounds Away

  • The Canadian Health Food Association.

  • The Celiac Disease and Gluten Free resources a website founded in 1995. Also see "Agar" on the Recommended for Tinnitus page

  • EU factsheet on the effects/build-up of dioxins in foods and foodstuffs. A diabetic told us that they had helped a leg ulcer to heal by removing tea bags for their diet. Loose tea was okay. Dioxins are often used in the making of teabags. Healing took 2 to 3 months, but an improvement was noticeable after 10 days.
  • Pesticide Watch. and
  • Personally, I find this scary: this is 22 years on ... Post-Chernobyl monitoring reports 2008 published (in 2009)

  • (UK)Survey Reveals Lack of Salt Source Knowledge. More than three quarters of 2,000 people (77%) were NOT aware that bread and breakfast cereals are among the daily foods that contribute most salt to our diet

  • Environmental Health and Trading Standards Officers enforce Food Safety within the UK. Contact through your local Council, or the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health , or the Institute of Trading Standards. Both websites have the symbol of approval of the Plain English Campaign.
  • Research on national hygiene rating scheme published. Scores on Doors explained.
  • The (US) Food Center, Washington, D.C. Spearheading the Campaign AGAINST Cloned Foods. Excellent information and links

    Peak-Oil Prophet James Howard Kunstler on Food,
    Fuel and Why He Became an Almost Vegan.
  • To use the Search Facilities on AlterNet click the Search Link and add the date, or approximate date and then "+ the subject enquired about".
  • There are approximately 4 million vegetarians and 0.3 million vegans in the UK, but there was often confusion on food labels, so many found it hard to decide what to buy. The (UK) Foods Standards Agency has a department working on Vegetarian and Vegan Labelling, as well as one on Allergy Labelling Advice.
    The above direct link contains a direct link courtesy of the Libraries Trust. This gives residents of the US and Canada access to information through their local library.
  • An excellent source of information about vegetables: How to use and store them; nutritional information, and a range of recipes.
  • Vegetarian Main Dishes: From Around the World.
    (Chunky Cook Book: Supporting Fair Trade).
  • Vegan World Radio can be followed on Twitter.

  • Drug-Free Healing
  • What Supplements to Buy?

  • Feeding America ... from Food Waste
  • Reducing Food Waste is supported by the UK government
  • London Mayor unveils plans to turn London's food waste into eco-fuel
  • East London: The Tower Hamlets Food Bank
  • West London: Chiswick Local Produce: Too many vegetables? Bumper crop of apples or pears? Sell or exchange your local produce locally
  • The Family Kitchen Garden. Green fingered authors present fruits of their labours in this new book
  • Chiswick House Kitchen Gardens
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  •  Food, Drink and Supplements. CookingPot

    "Slow Food" is an international organisation

    that originated in Italy to protect food heritage and culture, and to encourage an appreciation of enjoying real foods!

  • Slow Food ist eine internationale Organisation, die urspruenglich aus Italien stammt. Sie widmet sich sowohl der Bewahrung von echten, natuerlich hergestellten Nahrungsmitteln als auch dem Schutz der Essenskultur - einfach zur Foerderung und Schaetzung, richtiges Essen zu geniessen.

    Just before Christmas 2007, outside the Royal Festival Hall, on the South Bank in London, UK, we came across a truly wonderful Slow Food Christmas Market.

  • Slow Food in London, Ontario, Canada
  • Slow Food USA and on Twitter
  • How Brooklyn's Busiest Pie Shop Embraces Slow Living

  • (US) Hospitals Buy Antibiotic-Free Meat, Citing Drug Resistance Concerns. Chicago Tribune, July 18, 2010
  • Milk, apple-juice and olive oil amongst most tampered items. New York Times Business section, 19th March, 2010,
  • by William Neuman
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  •  Food, Drink and Supplements. 2chidken

    Organic Food articles from The New York Times

  • The Catherine Tate Show: The Aga Saga Woman
    Free Range Egg and Spoon Race

  • Count Arthur Strong, BBC Radio 4 comedian, has also joined the Free Range Egg debate!
  • Demand Full and Accurate Labelling
  • Organic Valley's CEO George Siemon

  • Wednesday 29th July, 2009: Apparently Organic Food is no healthier than conventionally produced food a large independent review concluded. This study cost 12m, paid for by the EU and food companies over 4 years. Yet, Professor Leifert of Newcastle-upon-Tyne University in the UK is an expert in organic food, and he felt eating "organic" was equivalent to eating an extra portion of fruit and vegetables every day.
  • The Food Standards did not agree. In the study by Professor Leifert , the main benefits of Organic Food were listed as:

  • Organic tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage, onions and wheat have 20% to 40% more antioxidants than conventional fruit and vegetables. Organic spinach and cabbage have more minerals.
  • Organic milk had 60 to 80% more nutrients than conventional milk in the summer, and 50 to 60% more in the winter. USDA Nutrition Breakdown Link has more vitamin E
  • Organic cheese can have up to twice as many nutrients as conventional varieties

  • The Science of Imitation Milk!

  • This is where Organic Farming Research in Denmark began

    May 2013
    Scientific American Guest Blog
    Dear American Consumers

  •  Food, Drink and Supplements. birdandwormR

  • More links to articles on Organic Foods
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  • Fair Trade and Co-operatives

  • The British Association of (Independent) Fair Trade Shops.
  • Trade Justice is an equivalent organization in the US to Fair Trade in the UK

  • Herbs, in particular the sun-dried organic Turmeric from the KASAM, (Kandhamal Apex Spices Association for Marketing), in Bandhgarh, Orissa

  • In 2003, 2,000 bee-keepers, who worked in NW Zambia, set up a co-operative

  • Thought for Food :: Bug Food Colouring, Hot-Dog-Stuffed Crust and Drugged Poultry!
  • 2013: Walmart will soon turnover 1/3 of all $s spent on food

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