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  • Natural Remedies for Candida Infections

  • Ki Publishing Co-operative is working on the English translation of Loto Perrella's book

    Candidiasis (Salud y Vida Natural)


    Use Natural Remedies Candida Albicans

    This book was written to help inform those suffering with candida infections about natural remedies that could suit them

    Loto Perrella is an author, a professional translator of medical books and a practising complementary therapist. Her personality is a direct one, as is her writing ...

    "I am not willing to say that something is white when I think it is black... if others can not take some criticism, too bad for them ... but I always ask: do I say anything untrue? If I don't, then it must go on. I am fed up, and upset, and disgusted at seeing almost everyday patients who have been ill for years on end, and have spent lots of money, and they have been told that "it was all in their head", when they could be cured ... "

    Loto herself has benefited from her own advice!

    Some years ago, together with her brother Ayax, Loto were treated harshly by the authorities in their native Spain. For more than 3 years bankruptcy or imprisonment was a possibility. Now their ideas, particularly those in

  • La Técnica Clark para el Tratamiento del Cáncer
    Ediciones Obelisco, Barcelona - Spain

  • are mainstream complementary treatments


    La Técnica Clark para el Tratamiento del Cáncer está dividido en tres partes

    En la primera hace una recopilación de los distintos métodos alternativos para el tratamiento del cáncer;

    La segunda parte está dedicada exclusivamente a la técnica de la Dra. Hulda R. Clark, de California para la cura de la enfermed

    La tercera parte contiene las pautas de la misma Dr. Hulda Clark a el tratamiento del cáncer avanzado, además de una serie de recetas y consejos para llevar una vida más sana, y unas direcciones útiles

    En España se puede comprar prácticamente en cualquier librería del país, o hacerlo llegar si no lo tienen. Se encuentra también en Latinoamérica (México y otros países)

    This book assembles, for the first time, for the Spanish speaking public, the different alternative techniques. available for the treatment and cure of cancer. It starts with a list of doctors and institutions in Northern America which deal with the disease from an an alternative point of view, with particular reference to Dr. Hulda Clark's techniques, which benefits all cancer sufferers

    La Técnica Clark para el Tratamiento del Cáncer ends with de la Dra. Hulda R. Clark, de California to improve everyday life for all, and a list of useful addresses

    The first book by Loto Perrella's was illegally copied word for word and put onto the internet by an official Therapists' Association in Southern Spain! Author and publisher were not mentioned or credited, and both are still working to prevent this happening to others and to ask for compensation for themselves!

    Jacyntha's article uncredited experienced two very similar incidents. The first related to The Biorhythm Kit and she took her case to The Chancery Division of The High Court in London, where, some years later the case was won!

    In the second case Jacyntha was advised not to pursue her as a win would result in further financial loss

    That might be practical advice - but it is hardly legal or moral as such loop holes suggest to the sociopath with few assets a calculated gamble that could well pay off!

    Helene Hodge, free lance journalist and much later editor of Active Life, photocopied Jacyntha's article uncredited straight into a magazine called "Healthy Living"

    Natural Remedies for Candida Infections

    by Loto Perrella

    N.B. Within Spain and some other countries, an equivalent of the UK Net Book Agreement is enforced. Put simply the price of books is fixed, and there is no major undercutting on the price of new purchases

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  • Titulo: Candidiasis (SALUD Y VIDA NATURAL)
    Autor: Loto Perrella
    Encuadernación: Tapa blanda
    Dimensiones: 13,5 x 21 x 0,8 cm.

    Tema: salud y vida natural
    Año: 2006
    Idioma: Español
    Isbn13: 9788497773270
    Número Páginas: 96
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    by Dr Nico Caravias was first published in Germany in 1922

    The last printing was in Greek, published in 1977. In between there were English, French and Spanish editions

    Dr. Hulda Clark's techniques, hope to re-issue an alternative point of view,. This book outlines the existence of a 10 year cycle in humans. Science is now able to confirm the existence of this "biorhythm"

    In his book Mathematical Carnival based around his column doctors and institutions, the late Martin Gardner devotes one chapter to an incident that spanned a 10 year period and involved @41, (later) Professor Herman Swobada and Carl Jung

    As a determined sceptic of the subject of biorhythms I am sure @61 did not intend to confirm a biorhythm in any way, but in that particular chapter he does write about the ten year time interval very specifically

  • Further details of an alternative point of view, are available from the author's daughter at Las Suertes, Bloque 18, 3c, Villalba, E-2840/9, Spain

    Reference: Gardner, Martin: Science: Good, Bad and Bogus
    Chapter 11: Fliess, Freud, and Biorhythm
    Prometheus Books, Buffalo, N.Y. 1981. ISBN 0879755733

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    Chapter 11: Fliess, Freud, and Biorhythm
    Prometheus Books, Buffalo, N.Y. 1981. ISBN 0879755733



    This has taken half an hour to sort ...

    Dear Sir

    Share 117

    I was somewhat surprised that you asked me to complete an income questionnaire as, soon after his installation, manager, Hugo Swallow, "ordered" me to Wandsworth County Court to have my income verified. I was interested to me to see how the system worked, and also to learn that the back-office opened at 7.30am and by 7.40am Hugo Swallow was on the phone complaining about me! The very friendly lady suggested that this was a personal vendetta and told me she would note this is the in the introduction to her report.

    Since that report I have been lucky enough to receive more than £100,000 in a legacy and I still have this, so quite bluntly I wlll not complete you sent me. 23, Norfolk House has not, and never has had a mortgage on it since it was purchased by our family. Should I fall on hard times I would thus have the option of raising equity release on it, or renting it out and moving in with my long term partner.

    my mother was the owner of the flat I was "volunteered" to sit on the original buy out committee of Courtlands. and am the only remaining member of that committee still living on the Estate. I am also the victim of long term harassment, which I and others have been documenting. I do not wish to, and nor will I extend my lease to the 999 year version, and therein lies part of the problem. I am also now aware of some of the irregularities that have gone on in respect of the Estate.

    For instance the original Chairman of the founding committee was pocketing many of the rental incomes through a company (bicycle repair) company Courtlands Richmond Limited registered in Buckingham House and with an account also in Buckingham House. We verified this through Jan Douglas, a rent restricted tenant who paid £10 for her cheque to be returned with the account it was paid into stamped on the rear. He also stupidly wrote that number on the accounts , crossed it out and initialled it. I used this as an example of stupidity in my best selling The Biorhythm Kit.

    When I saw the directors recently I enquired after the number of my registered share. In zactual fact I have the entire movement of each share on a spreadsheet until 2004 when Pauline Mycroft was locked out of the Estate office and dismissed.

    In xxx according to campanies House her successor, Mr Alan Howard-Harwood re-allocated "shares" to everyone. I have never received this share and hence have not been attending AGMs on the assumption that I would not be admitted. I am not asking for this share (as I have no idea what it is a share of!? but I would like that question answered please. Just what do the new shares represent. The old shares gave everyone aequal distribution of the land on the estate and the assets represented by the garages and flats still owned by the company but rented out. There are, by the l uck of the draw, 3 out of the 8 flats still in this communal ownership in the block in which I live.

    Why did the directors allow the Richmond Society to take away the archive of Courtlands Estate on the death of David Watkins, MP our long-standing Chairperson? Does the Society(of which I azm a Life member and was an executive member at one stage. have an interest in every estate of flats or just ours, and surely this archive of the early history belongs to the sharehiolders. Luckily I had duplicated some of it.

    I also object to the way the accounts are now inalised and lodged with co mpanys house long before our AGM. This was begun under the "management" of Alan Howard-Harwood and in my opinion is thus a deception and one with little form of redress. I am sure that most shareholders (original or otherwise) believe they are "approving them, when in fact thay are just acknowledging they were given a copy! As far as I am aware we should be equals andpossess equal rights.

    abysmal job and was owned and run by a director and her son. The same director who found Alan Howard-harwood whilst he was on gardening leave from his employment as bursar at Kingston Grammar School. The same Alan Howard who we were able to prove lied about his managerial qualifications and who pleaded quility at Kingston County Court of Assaulting a resident.

    In summary I would l ike to know whether my original share 117 still entitles me to attend the AGMand to have in writing just what that is a share of.

    I would ask the board politely whether we could return to the previously established policy of approving the accounts before they are registered as the final official version.

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