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Biorhythm Product Information

  • Buy the complete Biorhythm Program from us
  • The London Biorhythm Company has a no quibble refund policy
  • At the London Biorhythm Company we are experienced speakers and radio and TV broadcasters
  • We give radio interviews, host radio phone-ins and undertake workshops on biorhythms
  • ... on complementary health
  • ... on gentle exercise
  • ... on practical conservation
  • ... on fair trade
  • ... on surviving the setting up a small business; and even on
  • ... how to survive, and eventually succeed against Kafkaesque bullying bureaucracy

  • ... At the London Biorhythm Company we do NOT take commercial advertising

  • Local London Biorhythm Company agencies

  • Biorhythms in Botswana, You can see some of our biorhythm products, in the Business Centre, (formerly a Post Net shop) Gaborone At the Business Centre they will forward any order
    Private Bag 00324, Gaborone tel: + 267 370 0030
  • Biorhythms in Lithuania
  • Biorhythms in SOUTH AFRICA, P.O. Box 384, Parklands Johannesburg 2121, South Africa. + 27 (0)11 788 4583. Rand cheques.

  • A local biorhythm agency could suit small or medium-sized business owners. No upfront payment or fee involved: ask the London Biorhythm Company for details
    tel: + 44 (0)208 940 3098

  • London Biorhythm Company has Discussion Group on Facebook
    e.mail for an invitation

  • The Biorhythm Kit

    Picture of UK cover Picture of German cover Picture of Dutch cover
    German translation
    Dutch translation

    French and Swedish translation sheets for the Biorhythm Display Unit (the biorhythm wheel - see below) are also available on request

    In The Biorhythm Kit the biorhythms of Van Gogh were studied in detail, using his letters and covering one year of his life

    "Look Inside" The Biorhythm Kit " with Google Books

    Der Schlüssel zum Biorhythmus can be browsed too

    Originally published Virgin Publishing, and now sold through Ki Publishing , our newly formed publishing co-operative The Biorhythm Kit consists of The Biorhythm Book, and a biorhythm wheel. With the London Biorhythm Company's biorhythm wheel, you can show the biorhythms of any person for any one year at a time

    The biorhythm wheel was designed and produced at the London Biorhythm Company, which was awarded a (British government) DTI/Design Council Design Initiative Award intended to help put saleable new products into production. The wheel was on the short list of British-designed products for possible inclusion in an exhibition in the (London) Millennium Dome (now the O2). It was featured in an episode of the Australian-made TV series Beyond 2000, seen in over 80 countries

    Early in her career the comedienne/TV personality Sandi Toksvig originally presented a UK-made TV programme for children. The London Biorhythm Company and our biorhythm calculator featured in one episode in which Sandi dressed up as Professor Mouse to explain how biorhythms work.

    Jacyntha Crawley, the author of The Biorhythm Kit, is a member of the (UK) Society of Authors and of NAWE (the UK National Association of Writers in Education)

    Biorhythm Products and Sales. disp

    The Biorhythm Display Unit

    French and Swedish translation sheets for The Biorhythm Display Unit are available on request.

    Our Biorhythm Display Unit contains a smaller, sturdier version of the biorhythm wheel that was developed at the London Biorhythm Company. This biorhythm wheel has a 130mm/5 inch diameter, and is printed on both sides. The biorhythm wheel is contained within a printed sleeve that contains full instructions for use, and significant background information on biorhythms. A larger version of our biorhythm wheel (wheel diameter 165mm/6.5 inches), and printed on one side only, is part of The Biorhythm Kit (listed above). The biorhythm wheel was produced with the help of a DTI/Design Council Design Innovation Grant given to the London Biorhythm Company. This official recognition of the London Biorhythm Company should have been a break though, but sadly the whole situation showed innumerable hassles, delays and legal pitfalls and hazards and the development of the London Biorhythm Company's biorhythm wheel descended into an administrative black comedy/farce

    The biorhythm wheel is easy-to-use and was one of the first circular biorhythm slide rules. The sleeve contains full instructions and comprehensive biorhythm information

    If you want to search for biorhythm-related books in French or Swedish you can click through to the London Biorhythm Company's Biorhythm Bibliography, or go to the Interlibrary Loan Schemes for these countries

    Biorhythm Products and Sales. cycle

    The London Biorhythm Company's computer produced biorhythm charts

  • The London Biorhythm Company biorhythm charts are printed on high quality glossy white paper.
  • Full instructions and comprehensive background information are included.
  • French and Swedish translation sheets are available.
  • Please make sure to include the name of the person as you would like it to appear on the biorhythm chart; a date of birth for the person the chart is for and tell us a month that the biorhythm chart should start from.
  • Our London Biorhythm Company biorhythm charts cost:
    UK: £6 for 4 months. Sent to addresses outside the UK they cost US$15.
  • Charts for a year (12 months) cost: UK: £10.00. Sent to addresses outside the UK they are US$22 inclusive of Air Mail postage addressed to outside the UK. Please send money by Paypal and indicate your order with Biorhythm Order in the notes so that we can identify it reasonably quickly. For enquiries please e-mail and use Biorhythm Enquiry .
  • 4 month chart 12 month chart
  • In addition to Secure Payment by credit or debit card, other methods of payment are detailed at the end of this Biorhythm Products Page.

  • Personal Biorhythm Calendar 2014

    French and Swedish translation sheets available on request.

    Every year we produce a full colour biorhythm wall chart background measuring 29.7 x 42cms (A3 size). These are based loosely around the work of famous artists. We individually overprint these backgrounds with a year of the customer's biorhythms. Illustrated here is a previous calendar.

  • Calendars from previous years can be bought at greatly reduced prices while stocks last. Please e-mail the London Biorhythm Company for availability
  • 'Perpetual' Brass Calendars

    Diameter of about 145 cm and are made in India. Please e-mail the London Biorhythm Company to check availability
  • Prices: UK: £14 (+£2 P&P): Smaller perpetual calendars might be available
  • The diy Biorhythm Work Book

    The London Biorhythm Company has produced a loose-leaved book containing background biorhythm information and full instructions for charting biorhythms. The Biorhythm Workbook contains matching sheets and biorhythm sine curve templates for drawing the biorhythms, and is illustrated with topical, worked-through, examples. With the Biorhythm Workbook it is easy to draw biorhythms.
  • The Biorhythm Workbook costs £13 in the UK: non-UK sales US$27.50
  • Extra lined drawing-sheets cost UK: £3.50 for a packet of 25:
    non-UK sales US$14
  • Additional sine curve templates UK: £2.50 per set: US$9. Prices include postage
  • Air postage +US$5 on the Biorhythm Workbook and the extra biorhythm line drawing-sheets

  • Biorhythm Products and Sales. bioprog icon

    Biorhythm program for Windows

    You might like chart some biorhythms for FREE. That way you can check for yourself the implications for incidents in which you suspect your biorhythms might have played a role! You can also check on that link the biorhythm compatibility for any 2 people! The biorhythm program is for sale.

  • Residents of the US and Canada are requested to purchase this biorhythm program through Halloran Software.
  • Biorhythm program for Mac users SOUGHT.

    In the late 1990s an independent survey conducted by a psychology undergraduate thesis showed that of the biorhythm programs tested 60% (or 3 out of 5) were inaccurate. Some biorhythm programs even appeared to produce charts at random

    Electronic Biorhythm Calculator.

    Many readers will remember those handy biorhythm calculators made by Casio, Kosmos, Radio Shack and others. Those biorhythm calculators are now collector's items as they were made to calculate biorhythms within dates between 1900 and 1999 inclusive

    The London Biorhythm Company's
    Biorhythm T-shirt

    These 'one size fits most adults' T-shirts, are made 0f white Irish cotton overprinted wuth the Ki Publishing 's Biorhythm Display Unit motif. Made in Eire they cost £5.00 each (+£2 p&p) and free postcards of the studied in detail, using his letters motif are available


    At the London Biorhythm Company we post out items using real, mainly special issue, UK postage stamps. Assuming these arrive intact, they could have considerable value.
  • To recycle used postage stamps to raise money for UK good causes they should still be on the backing paper with about 15-20mm of paper left around them when cut from the envelope
  • Lion Clubs Australia project to recycle stamps and spectacles
  • Unwanted spectacles are also welcomed at The Ahekhinah Clinic in Ghana where they are re-allocated immediately.
    P.O. Box TL 886, Tamale, Northern Region, Ghana, West Africa. tel: + 233(0)87 22622 From the UK spectacles can be posted on complementary health Leave inside the case or pack carefully
  • Die London Biorhythm Company benutzt echte und hauptsächlich Sonderbriefmarken. Sollten diese gut ankommen, stellen sie oft einen gleichen (wenn nicht sogar grösseren!) finanziellen Wert als das eigentliche Produkt, auf dem sie angebracht sind, dar. Einige der weltweiten Umweltprojekte

  • Paying for our Biorhythm Products

  • Buy our biorhythm products using Pay Pal. If the biorhythm item you want does not have a designated button listed besides it then please link to and click on Send Money.
  • You can also order our biorhythm products by post
  • Royal Mail postal orders are sold in over 40 countries. Make these out to the London Biorhythm Company Limited.

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